Roofing & Chimney Services in Florida

Your home is only as good as the roof that protects it: let Winter Springs Roofing and Repairs help you make sure that your roof is up to the task. For over four decades we’ve been providing unparalleled roofing services to homes and businesses in Central Florida and in the meantime, we’ve become a trusted source for anything and everything that your roof needs.

Chimney Services in Central Florida

From simple roofing services in Central Florida, such as waterproofing, to complex undertakings, like a full roof restoration, we’re ready to help you address your roof’s needs in a lasting way. Take a look at the areas of expertise that we proudly offer in the Central Florida area.

Roofing Services for any style of roof…

At Winter Springs Roofing and Repair we are proud to showcase our workmanship when it comes to any style of roof. Take a look at our specialties.

  • Tile Roofs: From repairs to restorations, Winter Springs Roofing and Repair is proud to be an expert in tile roofing. While other businesses may claim to be experts in tile roofing, Winter Springs Roofing and Repair showcases our expertise in the work we do and we’re certain you’ll be nothing but impressed with the results.Servicesimage1 Servicesimage2
  • Chimney Services: Whether it is a comprehensive chimney repair or a small repair, Winter Springs Roofing & Repair will coordinate this complex service to satisfy your needs timely and professionally. From simple leak repair, to a more complex material renovation, we’ll have your chimney standing strong.
  • Roof Repairs/Remodels: Has your roof served you well for more than a decade, but lately fallen short of your expectations? If your roof is showing signs of leaks, damage or worn down, let Winter Springs Roofing and Repair will help you repair and restore it to a level of perfection you can be proud of. Our expertise is breathing new life into residential and commercial roofs with our diligent roof repairs and remodels in the Central Florida area for more than 30 years, makes us experts in any roofing style, material or problem you’re faced with.
  • Skylight Installation: Want to open up your home to the beautiful, natural light of the Florida sun? Winter Springs Roofing and Repair will expertly map out and install, replace, or upgrade your current skylight in your roof, allowing you to reap the benefits of natural light in your home. Whether it’s in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, you will be ensured to get the highest quality skylight, sealed and protected to last for years to come.
  • Low Pitch/Waterproofing: When your roof is unable to keep water from leaking into your home, it means there is an issue lurking unseen somewhere in your roof’s construction. Not only will Winter Springs Roofing and Repair help you find the source of the leak, we will put our knowledgeable waterproofing skills to work, absolving you of any future moisture damages that you may have experienced, had the problem gone unchecked.