Tile Roof Repairs in Florida

Tile repairs have become our specialty through the years. There is a growing demand and a lack of qualified businesses performing this work. Repairs performed on tile roofs in Florida present some of the biggest challenges of all roof problems. I have seen the largest percentage of recurring problems come from inexperienced roofers working on tile roofs. Leaks are easily misdiagnosed and the nature of the roof system can present difficulties to even an experienced technician. The tile roof is broken down into the surface covering, a waterproof substrate system, and a wood decking, making it difficult to determine how bad the damage extends.

Tile Roof Restoration in Central Florida

People claiming to fix Central Florida tile roof problems sight unseen or with surface patching are likely to be beginners. People smearing black tar, caulking or tile grout all over the tile roof are again inexperienced in this phase of roof repair. When this type of repair strategy fails, it generates a lot of work for us when we are called out. Unfortunately we have to start from scratch and this type of roof repair can sometimes become the most costly.

View our gallery above to see some of the most common repairs performed. Most of the tile used from years ago is no longer available and present a problem for the home owner. As evident by the pictures, you can easily determine that we are on of the few capable professionals repairing tile roofs. These homes are located in a variety of areas such as Heathrow, Markham Woods, Alaqua, Tuscawilla, Eastwoood and Stoneybrooke.