Tile Roof Restoration in Florida

This subject is by far our #1 specialty and we are proud to be affiliated with Albersons Tile Roof Glaze, Inc. as their #1 certified dealer/contractor in Florida. Our official service area is the Greater Central Florida counties that stretch from East to West coast. We have the only Alberson Tile Roof Glaze showroom located at 2100 Ronald Reagan Blvd., Longwood and we are among the top few experts on the subject. We share a direct affiliation with the Tile manufacturers in the area of Tile Roof warranties. The ATRG system was developed in the 1980s specifically to perform warranty service on behalf of the Tile Manufacturers and still do so to this day. Only a small handful of Licensed Roofing Contractors in the state are certified and trained in this very limited area of expertise. We are the only contractor in Central Florida capable of issuing the 12 year warranty that accompanies this service. Our status in this field can be verified through ATRG, www.hydro-sheen.com. Since it is much easier to find misinformation on this subject it presents a huge problem for the homeowner who is researching how to maintain and protect their tile roofs.

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Tile Roof Restoration in Central Florida

There exists an aftermarket supply of over the counter, unsubstantiated products sold in home improvement or paint stores that all claim results that cannot be legally backed up. There is no technical data sheets or EPA certification to meet Florida material approval standards. These products are being used by the unlicensed painters, handymen, pressure washers and chemical cleaners none of which have any legal authority to give roofing advice or even be on your roof for that matter. It is actually a criminal situation in which you will later find that you have no legal recourse. The licensed industry protects the purchase and use of these products to protect the consumer. This is an exclusive service in a licensed industry and the results speak for themselves. Remember you cannot be presented a legitimate tile roof service or treatment by a non-licensed roofing contractor. Some competitors will claim they propose to offer this system but that would be an impossibility. The list of accredited providers is very small and limited to the best of the best licensed roofers in this specific field and why the integrity of the system remains reputable and successful for nearly 30 years and still endorsed by the tile industry of today. We have a slogan “we haven’t been around for 30 years by doing things wrong”.

Unlike the unlicensed aftermarket, we are no longer practicing. Remember you forfeit your consumer rights under the law when you allow this type of experimenting on you roof. Pressure washing and painting temporarily clean your roof but deteriorate it at the same time. It leaves imperfections on the tile’s surface that promote more bacteria growth. Painting offers no mechanical value and fails after a few years in the sun. The pressured water they apply is cause to void the warranty of the tile roof. The chemical additives they use cause toxic water run off that drains into your property. The ATRG product line is non-chemical and entirely GREEN. We provide government documentation and data testing that meet or exceeds safety and health regulations. This is the only professional system available that is compatible and approved by the manufacture for tile and warranted for 12 years. It is also renewable, transferable and is an upgrade recognized from Florida home appraisers. Homes with refurbished tile become more marketable for resale. This 4 step patented system safely cleans, bonds, color seals and clear coats the tile roof in a manner that permanently protects the color. This system colors and protects the roof better than tile produced new. You do not have to replace tile roofs simply because of the appearance.

The tile does not break down mechanically and does not need replacement. It can be transformed into a better than new tile by color sealing or re-glazing. Not only will your tile roof be cosmetically improved it will repel water much better. The clear coat protects the color and future mold & mildew can simply be washed away to maintain the system. Customers are truly stunned by the results. Pressure washing by definition uses water pressure to blast away algae, mold, and mildew from the tile surface. In order to do this function too much pressure is used and the process also removes color, sand and cement from the tile surface. This is the reason that the mold, mildew and Gleocapsa come back so fast, the process has increased the surface pitting, the habitat where they can grow and multiply. Every situation is different, but it would be safe to say that you will be pressure washing again in 2 to 3 years. You are now scalping the surface of the tile and DAMAGING your very expensive roofing system. You would not knowingly do this to the surface of anything that you own. When you think of the cost of a tile roof, pressure washing or harsh chemical baths are not practical solutions. The next negative will cost you money. People who pressure wash roofs do not do it every day.

Walking on a tile roof is for experts. Clearly, EVERYONE breaks tiles. The secret is taking the responsibility for what you have done and correcting the situation. The problem with pressure washers is that they have not been trained to resolve the broken tile situation and it is a lot easier to say nothing and leave the roof without solving the problem. Chemical cleaning processes were started several years ago when pressure washing companies began being held responsible for the damage that they were doing by walking on the tiles and breaking them. The idea was good and there is a warranty. The problem is that the chemicals change the surface of the tile. It causes increased fading and breaks down the cement. In a warranty situation with the tile manufacturer, you will soon find out that your tile warranty is void because you have changed the composition of the tile by adding chemicals. Many people have painted their tile roof. The problem is that these people had more confidence in what they were doing than the manufactures of the paint that they used.

There is not one manufacturer of paint in the United States that will offer any warranty, when you apply their paint to roofing tiles. Paint has specific properties and that cause it to crack, peel, and fade quickly on the surface of a tile roof. Paint is not water repellent and that fact allows organic material to grow freely. ALL paints and sealers are made from resins. There are hundreds of resins that contain properties that are desired in wall paint. Resins make up the manufacturer’s product recipe. The best resin package makes the best product. Paint is made for walls and not the cement tiles used to roof your building or home. Cement was developed by the Romans and the cement Roman Aqueduct is over 2,000 years old. Cement does not know how old it is. Your sidewalk does not have a day out there when it will spontaneously crumble. If you maintain your cement tile roof it will last longer than the building that it covers.

All of the above is true. But, you cannot abuse your tile roof by not maintaining it correctly. You will accelerate the weathering process if you pressure wash your tile’s surface. You will break down the bonds in the cement and your metal flashings if you treat it with harsh chemicals. You will break tiles, if you walk on the roof and you do not know what you are doing. You will damage the sub-roof if you do not have your roof looked at after an event by a professional tile roofing company. You are the catalyst when it comes to the longevity of your tile roof system. Remember, tile roofing systems FAIL because a force was applied to the tile surface. You have the ability to seal your tile roof with the most comprehensive colored sealing system on the market. Once you seal the surface, all surface weathering of the cement stops. Over 90% (and I do not know the exact number) of the mold, mildew, and Gleocapsa algae growth stops due to lack of habitat. Your side benefits include; awesome curb appeal, increased value, a surface that is superior to original manufacturer, no excess water weight from absorption when the tiles are wet, and pride of ownership.

  • Sealing the surface of your tile roof; stops the color fading of your tile roof from original manufacturer, stops all weathering of the tiles surface, and eliminates the pores on your tiles surface that promote the growth of Gleocapsa algae, mold and mildew.

  • Cement roof tiles are ageless. Color glazing or sealing your tile roof gives your project a face lift to a ‘Better Than New’ condition. Everyone will think you have a new roof.

  • For Sale – If you are selling your property, you know that a new roof is a value because it increases curb appeal. Color glazing gives you the same effect for pennies on the dollar. Color glazing makes you money.

  • Pride of Ownership – Even if you had your home painted, a new car, clothes, furniture, and the lawn manicured an old tile roof takes it all away. Glazing puts everything in the right light.

  • Flexibility – Just as you can change the color of your walls, with the colored sealer, you can change the color(s) of your tile roof. It is available in any color. We can match anything.

  • “The Cost” – Glazing or color sealing your tile roof costs less than delivering the material for a re-roof to your address. When you consider the fact that you get the appearance of a new tile roof that is a good investment. Glazing makes you money.