Roof Remodeling in Florida

If you are searching for a low scale, base job with a priority on cheapest price or fastest response; then you have found the wrong contractor. If you are looking to hire because you are an investor, property manager, home flipper, or realtor we will likely have a difference of opinion.

There is a huge difference in having a quick re-roof that meets bare minimum standards or a re-roof that addresses all the components and roof related items done more like a roof remodel. There is a big difference when an owner of a small owner operated business evaluates your roof compared to a salesman representing a big company. Many of their salesman have never installed a roof with their own hands and have likely sold everything from appliances to cars.

There is a big difference when a big company sends out a crew of young unskilled labors compared to a small company with an average of 25-30 years experience per man. Big companies have lots of disclosures and small print to initial, where you agree to be charged for items left off the contract and deleting responsibility to warranty many items. Some of them warranty less items then they cover. Many are charging money for the free warranty that comes from the material suppliers.

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We warranty much of our work for the time you spend at that residence. We do not sub out these jobs but much of the industry still does. All of our jobs are done to a standard over and above the minimum required to pass an inspection. Salesmen who tell you to expect a roof to only last 10-15 years are complacent. What are they really telling you about their work? If you listen to them they are telling you their standards are low and not to expect much more than the price being cheap. Beware of people asking to see other estimates and offering to beat the price. These are all just other red flags to notice the unethical companies.

If you have had bad experiences in the past including companies that don’t honor their warranties or roofs that don’t last, then you may have found the right contractor. We choose to only take on so many of these type of jobs throughout the year in order to maintain our high standards and success rate.

Having been successful for 30 years should speak for itself and our reviews and reputation are easily re-searchable. We try to separate ourselves from a lot of the unethical practices that accompany the re-roofing industry.