Commercial Roof Restoration in Florida

See galleries of Restoration Projects or our Duro-Last Test Roof

We are involved in many of the newer advancements in the cleaning, protecting and restoration of many systems. This is a small field of expertise and the majority of contractors do not offer these services. There is typically training required before being able to purchase products that are exclusive in this area. This is to assure that the products are not mishandled and the integrity of the results and performance are maintained.

See galleries of Restoration Projects or our Duro-Last Test Roof.

The misuse or tampering with much of today’s technologically advanced products can cause irreversible harm. Allowing people to apply pressured water, chemicals or products from home improvement stores can ruin the roof systems or cause dangerous chemical reactions. The use of chemicals and/or high water pressure is a sign of unprofessional advice.

Remember pressure washers, handymen and painters are not licensed roof contractors and are unable to advise in this area much less be able to purchase the necessary products exclusive to the industry. As a property owner you may find yourself legally liable when someone uses toxic chemicals and creates environmentally unsafe conditions due to the water runoff contaminating the ground, landscape and nearby bodies of water.

This is an area best left for the experts.