Roof Repair & Restoration in Florida

Winter Springs Roofing and Repair has made the “repair” part of the business our focus since the late 1990s, after spending 17 years installing roofs for builders of new home subdivisions. Needless to say, the quality of workmanship can suffer when builders are throwing up hundreds of houses annually and always on the look out for cheaper subcontractors and material suppliers. I spent a lot of years studying these homes during their construction phase. I have watched crews work and seen the common mistakes made when everyone is concerned with how “fast”everything can get done. I decided to stop trying to survive in this environment after the completion of our own home and neighborhood in Winter Springs.

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Expert Carpentry in Central Florida

We changed our specialty from production work to service work for the homeowners. Someone was going to have to maintain all the thousands of homes that were built in the last 30 years. It is much more satisfying to be hired by the homeowner who is willing to pay a fair price to have their problems solved, explained and fixed professionally. We continue this service today and have become the area leader in this phase of roofing.

Winter Springs Roofing & Repair customers are our best advertisement and are all too happy to recommend us. We advise all potential customers to research any contractor before hiring. By hiring on the quickest response or cheapest price is a sure way to having a bad experience. This is sometimes a tip off to an unlicensed contractor who is advertising and trying to compete with professionals. This becomes a bigger problem each year, homeowners who unknowingly hire a handyman to fix their roofs and have no legal recourse down the road. Some even try to fool the owner by saying they do not need to be a licensed contractor or pass off their occupational license as a contractor license. Much of our work comes from the failed attempts of such people or unwarranted problems left behind when others go out of business.