How Waterproofing in Casselberry, FL Plays a Vital Role in Your Roof’s Life

It’s no secret that the roof over your head was designed with one thing in mind: to keep the elements out and everything under it safe. But, when you consider the beating that a roof takes day after day, year after year, it becomes important to understand exactly what’s all holding it together. In fact, when you think about how a roof is put together, it makes a bit more sense as to why you can always count on it to keep you dry, even on the rainiest of days.

The secret to roof waterproofing in Casselberry, FL is how the materials that make up your roof are laid down and how they’re effectively able to channel water away from your home, rather than let it inside. Most residential roofs are sloped for a reason: gravity moves water down your roof, into the gutters and away from areas where it might cause damage! But, in order for water to seamlessly channel away from your home, it takes the right materials, applied by knowledgeable professionals.

Shingles and tiles

The two most common types of roofing materials in the United States today are asphalt shingles and tiles, simply because these materials are the most sustainable options, offering the best chance at waterproofing in Casselberry, FL. Asphalt and tile are inherently water resistant and they can both be structured to create a slope on your roof! What makes these materials so effective, however, is how they’re applied.

Shingles are layered over each other, to create a patterning that overlaps as they come down your roof. This ensures that the top of the shingle is protected by the layer above it and that the bottom of the shingle is guarding the later below it. When applied correctly, this ensures that no water is able to penetrate the shingles and that water has no other pathway than into your gutters. Below shingles, for added protection, is a layer of material that’s also water resistant, ensuring that even a small leak can be staved off until proper repairs can be completed.

Tiles act in much the same way, however many tile manufacturers have begun to make interlinking tiles that stack up much more seamlessly than shingles. This allows for a smoother look to tile roofs, without compromising the integrity of the tile’s ability to withstand the elements.

Slope and seal

Another part of waterproofing in Casselberry, FL that’s often not realized by homeowners is the physical slope of the roof and where rubberized sealant is applied. For example, if you have a chimney that’s not at the apex of your roof, you may find yourself with an area that’s susceptible to buildups when water is unable to be sloped away from this crevice.

In an instance like this, a roofing contractor would waterproof that area of the roof by sealing the chimney with a rubberized sealant or creating a slight slope to divert water away—either way, the roof remains sealed and gravity is allowed to take hold of the water flow.

Ensuring complete waterproofing of your roof is paramount to maintaining its integrity over the years and can save you the cost of having to make needless repairs that are a result of improper roofing practices or problem areas. Consult with Winter Springs Roofing & Repairs today if you’re finding leaks in your roof that just shouldn’t be there!

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