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The Processes and Benefits of Cleaning and Restoring Your Tile Roof

Tile roofs require some additional maintenance when compared to a standard asphalt shingle roof. What exactly do you need to do to keep a tile roof in good condition, and how often do tile roofs need maintenance? There are many benefits of cleaning and restoring your tile roof. Here’s a quick look at some of […]

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Factors to Consider Before Repairing or Replacing a Tile Roof

Installing a tile roof is one of the best investments you can make as a homeowner. Tile looks great on any home, is energy efficient in the Florida heat and is one of the longest-lasting materials on the market. However, tile roofs aren’t invincible. There may be a day that you’ll need to call a […]

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Why Concrete Roofing Tiles Aren’t Recommended in Florida

Roofing tiles offer a lot of great benefits for home and business owners, but not all roofing tiles offer the same level of performance, longevity or reliability. With that in mind, it’s important to carefully consider your roofing options and find the roofing tile material that offers the most benefits for your needs and is […]

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