The Best Businesses Work With The Best Materials

Van Gough had his lapis lazuli, Di Vinci had his Tuscan marble, and Winter Springs Roofing & Repairs has Alberson’s Tile and Glaze. It just goes to show that the best professionals work with the best materials!

We pride ourselves on keeping up with industry innovations, such as Hydro-Sheen, a high quality glaze that can be applied to existing tile roofs to enhance their resistance to weather damage and degradation from sea air. And just like Van Gough’s paints, Alberson’s Hydro-sheen can be matched to any color you like: either the existing color of your tile or a brand new hue.

100 percent water-based and customizable to any color, Hydro-Alberson will seal your tiles and is such a potent product that you should make sure to inquire about the twelve-year warranty available when coming to us for your tile roof restoration in central Florida.

This is not a treatment that you can have sprayed on by anyone in the Yellow Pages or on Craigslist. In order for this product to be provided, it must be through a licensed supplier, and the list of those that can supply it is very limited and includes only the industry best and certified roofers.

Keeping it close to home

Winter Springs Roofing & Repairs is a community company, first and foremost, with decades of experience and a cross-generational presence throughout central Florida. One of the attitudes that defines a community company is an inclination to partner and work with other companies that are in our community.

Alberson’s Tile and Glaze, the company that creates and distributes the incomparable Hydro-Alberson, is another Florida based company. While of course we cannot get all of our supplies from Florida alone, we are so invested in the community of Florida, both in being a leader in it and keeping it alive and thriving, that we are proud to be certified by a local state institution.

Doing things the right way

As an industry, roofing and roof repair is split roughly into two groups: those who truly understand how to properly restore and maintain tile roofing, and those who get by on stop-gap measures.

If you are talking with another company and they mention power washing your tile, they don’t know what they’re talking about. If you are talking with another company and they suggest simply painting your roof tiles, call us immediately. Both of these other methods are widely used by those businesses that are unable to earn certification for Hydro-Sheen technology.

Power washing damages your tile, washing away tiny parts of the tile with each swipe of the nozzle, pitting the surface with small imperfections that are ideal footholds for organic matter to begin growing across your roof, accelerating the already begun damage. Paint isn’t waterproof either and lends only a layer of aesthetic enjoyment and no real protection for your property, eventually peeling and bubbling underneath the beat of rain and sun.

When you’re tired of other companies neglecting your property and setting it up only to fail in the months to come, contact us and get the skinny from one of the leading Floridian roofing companies. If you’re looking for proper tile roof restoration in central Florida, your search is over with Winter Springs Roofing & Repairs.

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