What Happens When You Sandblast or Powerwash During a Tile Roof Restoration in Central Florida?

For a long time, there have been a variety of common misconceptions about how to properly clean and restore tile roofs and even today, these misconceptions are still touted far and wide as fact. Winter Springs Roofing & Repairs is here to dispel some of these harmful misconceptions and educate homeowners on the proper way to undertake a tile roof restoration in Central Florida.


When your tiles are looking dull and weathered, you might be tempted to approach them as you might approach your home’s siding or a deck: by sandblasting, priming and repainting. This is definitely not the way to go when it comes to tile, however—sandblasting your tile roofing can degrade the material beyond repair and leave it to suffer the defeat that the ensuing elements will surely bring.

Sandblasting your tile as a tile roof restoration in Central Florida will actually strip away vital sealants and other composition elements, which are crucial for your tiles to remain weather resistant and durable. Sandblasting can also create porous areas that allow water to seep in and further deteriorate your tiles.


Much like sandblasting, power washing your tile roofing is a means of further breaking down the composition of the tiles, weakening its durability and inviting in external pathogens to erode the tiles themselves. Powerwashing also strips away any sealants that may protect the tiles from the elements and can speed up the erosion process immensely, leaving you with tiling that looks good on the surface, but is structurally weak and primed for failure in the future.


Painting your tiles to help restore their brilliance is a lot like sweeping dirt and dust under the run in your home—it makes everything look good, but doesn’t even begin to address the real problem at hand. Painting your tile actually covers up some of the imperfections that have made your tile appear dull, but in slapping a layer of paint on them, you’re actually changing the chemical composition of the tile themselves. Painting can void the warranty of your roofing materials and even weaken their ability to stand up to moisture over time.

Glazing: the right way to get it done

So, if all of the common options for restoring your tile roofing are actually false information items, how exactly do you undertake a tile roof restoration in Central Florida appropriately? The one and only answer is tile glazing.

Glazing works to reinforce the natural composition of your tiling, while adding a protective layer to it that also restores the natural brilliance of the tile’s aesthetic. Plus, tile glazing can be applied in a variety of colors, allowing you to get the right finished look and feel without bringing harm to your roof as you might by powerwashing and painting or sandblasting and painting.

Be warned, however, not just any roofing contractor can glaze a tile roof to perfection—it takes an experienced professional to get the job done accurately. So, when it comes time for your tile roof to reap the benefits of a full restoration, make sure that you’re calling Winter Springs Roofing & Repairs for a job well done.

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