How to Judge Your Need for Chimney Remodeling in Central Florida

When something is broken, it’s usually pretty apparent and it’s not at all hard to tell that it needs repairs… most of the time. Sometimes damages can sneak up on you and you might not see them coming—everything may look just fine on the outside, but on the inside or under the surface, there’s trouble brewing.

Chimneys are a prime example of unseen damages that quickly add up into one major problem that takes homeowners by surprise. Sure, there are some chimney damages that are clear and easy to spot—such as crumbling stonework or visible damages to the structure itself—but for the most part, chimney issues are hidden until they become a glaring problem that can’t wait any longer to be resolved.

All of this begs the question: how do you know when trouble is brewing and to what extent do you require chimney remodeling in Central Florida?

Understanding damages

Understanding the hidden damages that your chimney may be experiencing starts with understanding what plagues a chimney most often and what the source of these damages is. Take a look at five types of damage that you may not be able to see outright:

  • Creosote buildups that are the result of soot and tar that amass on the inside of your chimney, thus narrowing the ventilation capabilities of the structure and eventually causing blockages. Creosote can also burn, eating away at the structure of the chimney itself.
  • Blockages of all types are another unseen issue that can cause chimney damage and they come in all shapes and sizes. From creosote buildups that finally close off the chimney, to birds nests and other natural materials, blockages are quick to incite chimney damage.
  • Cracks in the flue are extremely hard to see, but it doesn’t mean they’re not there, wrecking havoc on your chimney’s function and creating a whole mess of problems that are sure to require chimney remodeling in Central Florida.
  • Compromising brickwork is one of those issues that can be easy to see if it’s occurring on the outside of your chimney, but hard to spot if it’s on the inside. If you’re diligent in having your chimney swept yearly, these damages should be quickly found—however if they’re left to continue, you may face something as potentially dangerous as a chimney collapse.
  • Damage to the cap or crown is a fairly visible type of damage, but still hard to see since not too many homeowners are on the roof of their homes regularly. Have your cap and crown inspected when you have your roof inspected and you’ll be quick to catch any potential problems.

Time for repairs

While all of the problems listed above may be hard for a homeowner to spot outright, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist and become worse on a daily basis. Keeping up on chimney maintenance, such as sweeps, will give you better insight into just when these problems are developing and at what stage they’re at when you catch them.

As soon as you’re privy too chimney damages, it’s important that you have them serviced right away. Letting them get worse is only going to mean more money out of your pocket and the potential for more home damage down the road.

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