Why Hire a Local Contractor in Central Florida for Your Roofing Job?

In just about any industry, the large, wide-spanning companies have an edge over the little guys when it comes to marketing and brand recognition. But when it comes to contractors, as well as many other types of businesses, you’re almost always better off hiring local. As a local contractor in Central Florida, we know firsthand the advantages that come with being a small, family owned and operated local roofing business, and we encourage you to hire us and discover the benefits for yourself. Here’s an overview of what you can expect from a local contractor in Central Florida:

  • Local reputation: If a large, national contracting business has an unsatisfied customer in New York, they probably don’t have to worry about a customer in Florida finding out about it. But when you’re local, you depend on word of mouth reputation to make or break your business. If a friend or neighbor tells you a local contractor in Central Florida is worth hiring, you know that recommendation really means something. Keep your ears open for local business recommendations.
  • Easy to contact: It’s become a dreaded phrase in American culture: “You are on hold until the next customer service representative becomes available.” When a business has branches all over the place, it will usually direct all of its calls to one customer service hotline, which means you might have to wait 45 minutes to talk to someone at a desk far, far away who isn’t all that impacted by how your roof remodel turns out. With a small, family owned contractor, what you see is what you get, and we always answer the phone personally.
  • Support your local economy: When you hire a small, local contractor, you aren’t just paying to have your roof remodeled. Your money is also going toward hiring local employees, buying local supplies and tools, and eventually it comes back into the local economy. Rather than paying some company headquartered thousands of miles away, you may as well pay a local contractor, so that your money can go toward helping your friends, your neighbors and, ultimately, yourself.
  • Sustainability: Rather than having supplies shipped across multiple state lines, most local contractors tend to get their materials from nearby sources, thereby reducing fuel emissions. Hiring local is an easy way to cut down on your roof’s environmental footprint.
  • Support a living wage: Though it varies among industries and company sizes, local contractors and other small businesses often pay their workers better wages than larger companies. Raising a family is getting more and more expensive, and by supporting a local contractor, you can help families in your community make enough to get by.

Our family has had the fortune of operating a successful local roofing business for years, and we always appreciate our customers who make the conscious decision to support the local economy. If you’d like to go local for your home’s next roofing job, please don’t hesitate to contact Winter Springs Roofing & Repairs at any time.

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