Four Steps to Help Prepare Your Roof for Winter

Ensuring your roof is ready for winter is crucial even if you do not live in a winter wonderland. As colder temperatures quickly approach, it is important that you call your local roofing contractor in Central Florida if you have reason to believe your roof is not in top condition. Before a minor roof issue becomes a major disaster, follow these four steps in order to ensure that your family stays warm and dry all season long.

Remove debris from gutters

By removing debris from your gutters, you can drastically reduce the buildup of water and prevent the formation of ice, which you’re likely not anticipating. Make sure your gutters are clean, and that water is able to flow through them and away from the house. Also take this time to check any drains and downspouts. While this may seem like common knowledge, it is crucial, as a clogged gutter can actually be extremely hazardous to your home.

Look for any damage

While you should keep an eye on your roof all year long, checking for damage incurred during the year is particularly important as winter approaches. Shingles can easily be damaged during this time of year, as they grow cold and brittle during the winter months. Look carefully at your shingles and make note of any that may be missing or broken before the weather takes a turn for the worse. While you’re at it, look for damaged flashing in the areas around your chimney, as flashing problems can also lead to serious roof trouble.

Inspect the indoors

While it may seem counterintuitive to check inside for a problem with your roof, it can serve as a great indicator of what is actually going on. Inspect the ceiling of your attic for any signs of water damage. If you find any noticeable stains, it may be a sign of bad roofing insulation or a leak in the roof itself. Poor roofing insulation can lead to water leaks, which ultimately weaken the roof over time.

In addition, heat will escape from the interior of your home much easier if your roof is poorly insulated, and if your home is losing heat, you will be spending more in energy bills. This could even hasten the development of ice. The best way to combat this is to replace any sections of the roof insulation that have sustained damage. This is probably a job best left to a professional roofing contractor in Central Florida.

Hire a qualified roofing contractor in Central Florida

While you may be able to identify many common problems with your roof on your own, you should still hire a professional roofing contractor in Central Florida to make sure your roof is 100 percent ready for anything winter may throw its way. A professional will be able to properly identify any issues and quickly make any repairs as needed. In addition, by hiring a professional, you will know that everything has been repaired correctly. This way you have the peace of mind without the headache typically associated with attempting to perform the repairs yourself.

For more than 30 years, Winter Springs Roofing & Repairs has been a leader in roof repair in Central Florida. Call us today to keep your home warm and safe this winter.

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