Roof Leaks and Carpentry for Seminole County Roofing

No one likes to hear the dripping sound of a leaking roof, especially when it is about 2:00 AM and all you want to do is sleep. Since central Florida can experience epic rain storms, addressing leaking roofs is a common carpentry request around here. However, not all leaks are caused by a piercing tree branch or wear and tear. There are other causes that lead to leaking Seminole County roofing that are fortunately preventable. Here is a list of them:

  • Weather events: The least preventable cause of roofing mishaps is the errant tree branch or high wind that assaults your roof and causes damage. Keeping trees trimmed and roofs in good repair can reduce the likelihood of these incidents, but there are times when they are truly an Act of God. Pay attention to your roof condition after severe weather and maintain your homeowner’s policy, since many of these incidents can be covered by insurance. If you can detect this damage before you hear the indoor dripping and start repairs immediately, it reduces the chance of developing wet rot.
  • Clogged gutters: People consider gutter cleaning an unpleasant chore, but they soon realize that leaking roofs are much worse. Gutters exist to divert rainwater from your roof. If debris blocks that flow, they cannot do that job, and water pools on your roof. When it accumulates, it deteriorates the roof and eventually leaks into your home. Knowing this, consider the dreaded gutter cleaning as preventative maintenance against future problems.
  • Damaged flashing: The thin pieces of metal installed under shingles and roof joints are called flashing. It creates a water resistant layer on your roof. When it cracks, water leaks into your home because there is no seal against it. This frequently develops due to missing shingles or cracked tile. That is why, if you notice these developments, they need to be addressed immediately. It is much less expensive to replace a few shingles or tiles than to reinstall flashing.
  • Attic condensation: Sometimes, the reason is not due to any damage on your roof, but issues with its design. If the humidity in your attic is not well-controlled, the condensation can build up enough to register as a leak. This can be a serious matter, as it will not only lead to leaks, but also damage to drywall and mold growth. If this is your issue, your carpenter needs to install vents or fans to keep moisture from getting trapped and leading to problems. This is fairly common with older homes that have not undergone a thorough Seminole County roofing remodel.
  • Overdue replacement: If rather than replacing your roof you continued to patch holes and replace shingles hoping it will hold out, there is a possibility that it is simply time to address the inevitable. Finances may lead people to delay roof replacement, and sometimes short-term solutions can hold out long enough to buy you time. However, eventually these efforts will quit working and you will need to replace your roof.

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