Troubleshooting Leaks in Commercial Roofing in Central Florida

When it comes to your business, keeping dry under a good roof is essential to your success. You may go years without any problems, but as your roof ages or weather conditions act up, you may start to experience some issues that may require your roof to be repaired.

Flashing and seam repairs

With commercial roofing in Central Florida, the most common issue that occurs is leaking. This is what happens when moisture finds a way to get into your building, and is a definite sign that something is going on with your roof. You may notice ceiling tiles with water spots or have an area with significant water damage, such as by a window or door. This means that your roof is in need of repair, and a roofing contractor should be called quickly.

A leak in your commercial roofing in Central Florida most often comes from improper seams or loose flashing. These can both be repaired by a roofing contractor and can eliminate the water leaks that occur in your building. A professional roofing contractor will reattach the flashing and make sure there are no open areas that can let water in. With seams, they will glue or heat weld them back into place. This will create the moisture resistance that you need to prevent water from penetrating through the roofing and result in the secure seal you are looking for.

Other leak issues

When weather conditions are severe, it can cause the fasteners that were used to attached your roofing to come loose. This can create areas where water can get in and damage other parts of your commercial property. A roofing contractor will be able to spot fastener problems in commercial roofing in Central Florida and secure these areas to keep water at bay.

You may also notice water coming from roof penetrations, as these are areas that are susceptible to wear and can allow moisture in. If the seams around all pipes, tubes, drains and vents isn’t sealed properly, this can allow water to get in and leak into the walls of your business. A roofing contractor will be able to pinpoint the area on your commercial roofing in Central Florida that is causing the leak and seal it properly to prevent further problems.

Leaking may only be apparent when it rains, which can leave you wondering about the source of the problem. Don’t hesitate to contact a roofing contractor to inspect the areas where you notice water leaks coming in. Leaving these areas to get worse can create more significant damage and will require more costly repairs in the end. Catching a problem leak as soon as it’s noticed will reduce the need for repairs both inside and outside your business.

Leaks can be prevented in commercial roofing in Central Florida by having a roof inspection to look for areas that may become potential problems in the future. To schedule a roof inspection or to have your roof repaired, contact Winter Springs Roofing & Repairs. We are a family owned and operated business with over 30 years of experience in roofing for both residential and commercial customers. Call today to schedule an appointment!

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