Is Improper Ventilation Causing Problems with Your Roofing in Central Florida?

Roofs are ventilated to ensure they allow moisture to escape from the attic and rafters under your roof. Without proper ventilation, you can experience damage to your shingles as well as to the interior of your home. Having the correct ventilation for your roofing in Central Florida can make a real difference in how long your roof lasts. Let’s take a look at the role ventilation plays in keeping your roof safe.

Benefits of roof ventilation

Ventilation in a roof allows warm air to rise and be emitted through the vents located at the eaves or soffits, as well as at the ridge of your roof. Cool air is drawn in from vents from the bottom, and warm air rises out from the top. When you have proper ventilation, your attic is able to release warm air and moisture through the roof. Improper ventilation traps this air and moisture in and under your roofing in Central Florida, creating the potential for damage to your home.

Ventilation that is not installed correctly can cause damage to your rafters, shingles and insulation. You can harbor mold and mildew, as moisture creates a breeding ground for these spores to live, making it imperative that you have proper ventilation to release it.

You should have both low and high vents installed on your roofing in Central Florida to ensure that cold air is able to enter your attic and warm air is able to be released. There is no need for power vents, as warm air will naturally rise to the top vents and escape as it is designed to do.

Problems arising from improper ventilation

Without proper ventilation in your home, you may see buckling shingles that need to be replaced. While replacing them will fix the issue temporarily, without the correct ventilation system installed, you will end up having the same problem with your roof. By having a roofing company correct your ventilation problems, you can avoid buckling shingles and help increase the longevity of your roof.

Ventilation that has gone wrong can also create ice dams on your roof, as well as frosting in your attic. Both of these are signs that your ventilation is not working or wasn’t installed correctly. Have a roofing contractor inspect your ventilation and make the necessary modifications to ensure this doesn’t continue to occur.

You may also notice that your energy costs are higher when your roofing in Central Florida is not ventilated. It doesn’t create adequate airflow for your home, and can trap hot or cold air in, making your house harder to cool in the summer and more difficult to heat during the winter. A roof inspection is an ideal way to understand if you have good ventilation that can keep your house temperate all year long.

By having your roofing in Central Florida inspected by a roofing company, you can ensure you have proper ventilation to avoid damage to your home’s roof. Call Winter Springs Roofing & Repairs to schedule a roof inspection. We are experienced in identifying roofing problems and can fix whatever is creating issues for your home’s roof. Reach out today to schedule an appointment!

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