What Is the Best Choice of Roof Tiles for Florida?

Choosing tile as the material for your roof remodel in Central Florida means you’ve already made a smart investment. Tile is going to perform better than asphalt shingles, shake or other materials, simply because it’s better equipped to deal with the demands of the Florida climate. But not all tile is created equally, and you’ll need to make some decisions about what type of tile you invest in, as well as how to maintain that tile.

The top two options for tiling are concrete or clay tiles. Both are a smart investment, although they both come with drawbacks that need to be considered by homeowners.

Concrete tiling

Concrete tiling is prone to absorbing more moisture than clay tiling, which means there’s a higher risk of mold or mildew with time. They’re also heavier than clay tiling, which can make them a non-option for homeowners with roofing that’s not able to support this extra weight.

These drawbacks aside, concrete is incredibly resilient and is virtually unparalleled in its longevity. Concrete tiling will stand up effectively against the sun and high winds of the Florida climate. Homeowners opting for concrete tiling will find themselves with a roof that will likely outlast them in every way.

Clay tiling

Clay tiling tends to be more brittle than concrete and prone to drying out in the face of intense UV light. Clay tiles that are colored also need to be maintained and restored every decade or so, to help ensure they don’t fade out entirely or become a detractor for the home.

For clay tiles, the benefits are also numerous! They’re available in a slew of colors that make it easy to customize your home. They’re also less porous than concrete, which can mean a lower risk of organic growth over time. And, at a weight that’s not as dramatic as concrete tiles, clay is often applicable for most homes.

Picking the right tile option

Picking the right tiling option for your roof remodel in Central Florida comes down to having trust in the contractor you’re working with. A good contractor will be able to look at your roof and recommend an option that fits the needs of your home and your budget.

If your home can support the weight of a concrete roof and you have the budget for it, a contractor may recommend it. But if you’re looking for a non-porous solution that can be customized for color and maintained to last just as long, clay tiling may be the best course of action.

It’s best to understand the options available to you, in tandem with the experience and expertise of a roofing contractor. Anyone can go online and find a comparison chart—it takes a real professional to explain and adapt those pros and cons specifically to your situation.

To learn more about your options for tile roofing or to consult with tile roofing experts who have experience with all types of installations and materials, please contact Winter Springs Roofing & Repairs today.

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