Watch Out for These Four Common Roofing Scams

There are some bad businesses in the world that are only interested in profiting off their customers. Few sectors are more plagued by con artists and too-good-to-be-true deals than the home improvement industry—and roofing is no exception. Disreputable roofers will scam unsuspecting homeowners out of thousands of dollars by overcharging, using shoddy materials or leaving a job halfway done. They’ll prey on the vulnerable after a devastating storm or capitalize on their unfamiliarity with roofing.

Unfortunately, many customers don’t realize what is happening until it’s too late. Understanding the warnings signs of a roofing scam will help homeowners protect themselves from being swindled.

Unnecessary repairs

Don’t trust the first contractor who tells you your roof needs thousands of dollars of repairs or that it needs to be replaced immediately. This one can be difficult for a novice to spot, as many roofing issues occur within the sub-surface, which can’t easily be seen. The best option is to have multiple roofing contractors in Central Florida provide quotes before signing off on any work. This way, you can identify whether one is recommending any repairs that aren’t really needed.


There’s no price regulation or oversight when it comes to roofing repairs. A roofing company can essentially charge whatever they want. High estimates are especially common after a damaging storm. Companies will go door to door and offer their services at an unbelievably high price as soon as the clouds clear. They will insist that the work must be done right away because the damage is so severe. Get estimates from four or five contractors before determining the average. Then, choose the company with the most reasonable pricing in comparison to the competition.

Insufficient repairs

Insufficient roofing repairs typically don’t become apparent until weeks or even months after the job has been finished. Roofing problems often lie hidden beneath the surface until they return worse than before. A low-quality roofer can install new shingles and say the job is done without really dealing with the issue at fault. This type of scam is one of the worst, as the leak or sub-roofing flaws can continue to escalate unnoticed until a heavy rainstorm or winds rip through the area. Then, you will likely find yourself paying extra due to the increased damage.

Protect yourself from scammers

Speaking to multiple roofing contractors in Central Florida before settling on one is the best way to avoid finding yourself the victim of a scam. This way, you will have a clear picture of how much the work should cost, what supplies will be needed and how long the repairs will take. Scheduling regular roof inspections and repairs will also help. A professional will be able to identify any issues early and make the necessary repairs to keep the problem from escalating.

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