How to Protect Your Roof from Strong Winds

You’ve stocked up on supplies, storm-proofed your windows and doors and maybe even your basement. When hurricane season comes around in Florida, it’s always better to be prepared. But have you checked your roof? Strong winds can destroy your roof, causing other damage, if you haven’t taken steps to protect it from strong winds.

As a roofing contractor in Central Florida, we know the damage strong hurricane winds can cause, but we also know the steps you can take to protect your roof, your home and your family.


Before hurricane season arrives, take some time to inspect your roof. Ideally, you should do this about once a year, typically right after hurricane season. This not only allows you an opportunity to check for damage, but it also helps you prepare before the next hurricane season comes around. This is particularly important if your home is older and was built before certain roofing codes became mandatory. Here are a few things you should be looking for:

  • Missing, loose or curled shingles/roofing tiles should be replaced
  • Nails should be space approximately four inches apart
  • Nails, not staples, should be used to secure the shingles and underlying roof deck
  • If you have access to your attic, check the roof from the inside as well for gaps and holes


Once you are sure that your roof is secure, there are additional steps you can take to ensure that it can stand the test of high winds. One solution is to apply roofing cement to the edges of shingles using a caulking gun, or run a bead of construction adhesive along rafters and/or trusses where they connect to the roof deck.

Another option is to hire a roofing contractor in Central Florida to install clips that connect the roof to the walls of your home from the inside. These clips, often called “hurricane clips,” are inexpensive, but can be difficult to install. It’s best to hire a professional if you decide to go this route.


Sometimes, particularly with older homes, you may want to call in an expert. While hiring a professional roofing contractor in Central Florida to do the work is more expensive, you can be confident that they will thoroughly check your roof for any weak spots and make all necessary repairs. Hiring a professional to repair and/or replace your roof not only helps protect your home, but it adds value as well.


No matter what steps you take to help protect your roof and your home, sometimes it’s not enough. In these cases, it’s smart to have a backup plan. Investing in homeowner’s insurance will help protect you in cases where even your best efforts to protect your roof fail.

If you are looking for professional expertise to help protect your roof from strong winds this hurricane season, or if you need someone to do roofing repairs, be sure to call Winter Springs Roofing & Repair. We are your local leader in professional roofing protection and repairs!

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