Don’t Panic! Here’s What to Do When Your Roof Begins to Leak

The roof of your home is meant to shelter you. It provides a sense of security against animals and bugs outside, and protection from the elements. This is part of the reason why it’s so devastating to discover a leak in your roof.

Roof leaks can be catastrophic in multiple ways. They can let in substantial amounts of water, damaging the interior of your home and your property. They can also cause existing damage to worsen, potentially damaging or even caving in other parts of your roof. Not only is this damage costly, but it could even force you and your family out of your home.

Thankfully, roof leaks don’t have to get to this point. Roofing services in Central Florida can help you identify the problem and repair it quickly to minimize the damage. With a reliable roofing contractor on your side, you can say goodbye to roofing-related headaches.

Here’s what you should do.

Identify the source of a leak

If you discover water seeping into your home from above, you should be proactive and seek out the source right away.

Before you head off on your search for the source, make sure to protect your property inside. Put a bucket underneath the area that is dripping to contain the water and cover nearby surfaces with plastic to shield them from water damage.

Next, you’ll want to find where the leak has started. The trick to this is to follow the path of water up to the roof. Water doesn’t fall straight down and may be taking a convoluted path through your home along beams and walls instead.

Using a flashlight or the light of day, follow the path of water, or any visible patterns of water damage or discoloration, toward your roof. If you have access to your attic, you might be able to continue your search there, right to the area of the roof that has a problem.

Don’t DIY

If you’ve found the source of the leak on your own, it might be tempting to run to the hardware store for some supplies and attempt to patch it on your own as well. However, DIY patching kits or random supplies will not do as good a job as a professional can. Plus, you may have only identified part of the problem, and there could be other issues lying out of sight on your roof. This could lead to weakness, more leaks and severe damage over time.

The best choice you can make is to call a professional roofer. They can inspect the area, repair the leak and provide waterproofing in Central Florida that keeps the inside of your home dry for years to come. This way, you can also avoid putting yourself in danger by climbing on the roof.

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