Can Water Affect Your Roof Over Time?

Quality roofing can withstand moisture. In fact, this is one of a roof’s main functions. However, even the soundest roofs are susceptible to damage. Over time, water can take its toll. Wind, rain, sleet and snow combine forces to wreak havoc on a roof. This can result in a variety of roof damage from water in Central Florida.

The damage starts with your roof, which causes leaks. These leaks lead to other damage. Consider the following group of potential hazards that water can cause if it works its way through your roof:

  • Fire: Water and electricity don’t mix well. If your roof is leaking, it can allow moisture to reach your electrical wiring in the ceiling, attic or walls. This can cause shorts that result in a fire. If you notice a leak in your roof, it’s best to shut off electricity in the area that is susceptible to water.
  • Attic damage: A leak in the roof will probably damage the attic first. If you have anything valuable stored here, it could be ruined. If the leak continues (or if you don’t have an attic), the water will reach the ceilings below, where it can cause interior damage to the property, including damage to ceiling light fixtures and fans.
  • Mold: Water damage leads to mold and mildew growth. This can spread through the home and pose health hazards to anyone living there. Left unchecked, mold can invade the HVAC system, where it spreads further, reaching furniture, clothing and carpeting.
  • Inefficiency: A leaky roof not only lets in water, it also lets out air. The moisture can also ruin insulation. As a result, your HVAC system has to work harder. This inefficiency can send utility bills through the roof, so to speak.
  • Weakened structural integrity: A leak in the roof can lead to damage in the wall framing, joists, rafters and more. The moisture coming from the water leak in the roof in Central Florida causes deterioration in the structure of the property, which leaves the building in poor condition. Over time, it could become uninhabitable due to instability, so don’t delay essential repairs.
  • Safety risk: Young children often run indoors (even if they are told not to). An active family is at risk of injury when under a leaky roof. Slip-and-fall accidents caused by puddles on the floor are likely to occur. This could cause anything from minor scrapes to major pains. To protect your family, it’s important to clean up any leaks right away and prevent future puddles by completing the necessary repairs caused by roof damage from water in Central Florida.

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