Unwanted Items on Your Roof? Here Are Five Tips on Removing Them Safely

It simply just happens sometimes. Kids goof off, and toys get stuck on the roof. You may leave tools behind when working up there or cleaning out your gutters. Excess debris may block the light from your skylights. Sometimes, you need to get stuff down from your roof in Central Florida, and you may be annoyed enough to take shortcuts and risk your safety. Here are five tips for safely removing foreign objects from your roof:

  • Get out the pressure washer: Roofs withstand a barrage of water well. A targeted stream of water from your pressure washer can remove items quickly. The slope of a roof works well to lead toys and other items right off into the safety of your yard. While you are doing this, you can also clean debris that accumulated, and do so better than you could with a broom.
  • Make a lasso: This technique is especially effective with tree branches and palm fronds. Since they can poke a hole if they’re left up there too long, it is important to remove them as soon as possible. Tie a rope into a lasso and use it to grab whatever is stuck on your roof. If you are pulling off a large branch, be sure to stay out of its way as it descends, or you risk injury.
  • Avoid using sticks or brooms: Sticks and brooms extend your reach and can seem like the perfect common-sense solution. Sure, they can remove what is stuck on your roof, but there is a risk that you will also dislodge tiles and create gaps where water can leak into your home. Even if you avoid gaps, you could still break or crack the tiles, and that will eventually become a leak or a repair bill. You are better off using high-pressure water.
  • Do not throw additional objects: Another common mistake with removing items from roofs is throwing other objects up there in hopes of dislodging the stuck one. The problem is, you could easily end up with two objects stuck up there. Also, the impact from another object can damage shingles and tiles. This damage only expands as you make multiple attempts to bring an object down. You may cause extensive damage and still not get the toy, tool or other object back into your hands.
  • Do not climb on your roof: Even if you were up there in the first place, you take a serious risk climbing on your roof. Roofs are heavily sloped, and roofing companies have trained personnel and safety equipment to prevent accidents. This is not available to the average homeowner, and the injuries from a 10- to 20-foot fall are not worth the risk. Also, walking on your roof causes damage and likely repair bills.

We may not be able to stop toys being stuck on your roof, but we offer roof replacement and repair. Winter Springs Roofing & Repair offers Central Florida specialized roofing services. Contact us today to learn more or schedule an estimate.

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