Ways to Protect Your Roof from the Sun

Florida sees a whole lot of sunshine throughout the year, and the ultraviolet rays of the sun can be damaging to some of the materials most commonly used in roofing. Even if the sunshine isn’t as damaging as, say, rain, wind or snow, it’s still an element you need to take into consideration.

The good news is that there are some steps you can take to protect your roof from the sun in Central Florida and prevent any premature deterioration. Here’s a quick overview of some of those strategies you can employ. We encourage you to contact a professional roofer for more information about each of these options if you have any interest in giving your roof some extra protection throughout the summer months and beyond.

Roof coatings

One preventative measure that has been gaining popularity across some of the sunnier regions of the United States is the application of reflective roof coating, which can help to divert some of the heat away from where it might otherwise absorb into your rooftop. The more roofs absorb harmful ultraviolet rays, the more sun damage is likely to occur, which can cause your shingles and other roofing materials to fail earlier than they otherwise might.

These types of coatings will not make your roof completely immune to the effects of ultraviolet exposure, but they will certainly help. You should be sure to search for roof coatings that are extremely reflective and emissive, the two qualities that make them most likely to redirect sunlight away from the roof. Doing so will result in your roof maintaining a much lower temperature.

Most roof coatings will last for 10 to 15 years, so you will give yourself some extra protection for at least a decade. This can also extend the life of your roof, so think about the life expectancy your roof currently has, and then add more on to it. While you can apply a roof coating yourself, it’s generally a better idea to rely on a professional.

Routine inspections

It’s also a good idea to schedule regular inspections of your roof, especially if you have a hard time seeing the whole roof from down on the ground, or if you are uncomfortable with getting up on your roof yourself. This is simply a smart choice to make sure your roof remains in good condition and is capable of protecting you and your family for years to come.

Close-up inspections allow you to identify potential vulnerabilities before they become an issue, allowing you to save some money on what might otherwise turn into some expensive and highly necessary repairs. You might find sun damage spots, or issues with curling or lifting.

In addition, having a contractor come out for routine inspections will mean you also have a good relationship with a roofing contractor in the event you need repairs or replacement. You won’t have to stress yourself out by searching for a high-quality contractor, because you’ll already have one you know and trust.

For more information about protecting your roof from the sun in Central Florida, contact an experienced roofer at Winter Springs Roofing & Repair today.

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