What You Can Do About a Botched Roofing Job

After paying for a roofing project, homeowners expect the roof to last for years without leaking or developing other issues. Unfortunately, that’s not always what happens. There are far too many cases of roofs having problems like sagging, loose tiles or leaks after just a few short months.

Obviously, these homeowners aren’t happy, and they want to know how a botched roofing job can be fixed in Florida. This post will cover everything you need to know about righting a wrong if the roofer mishandles the project:

  • Gather evidence: Any action you try to take against a roofer won’t work unless you have some evidence to back you up. Take plenty of pictures of the roofing issue and consider hiring another roofer to examine the situation. With photo evidence and an expert witness in your corner, you’re off to a good start.
  • Speak to the contractor directly: After you’ve collected your evidence, it’s best to speak directly to the contractor about your roofing problems. Try to avoid using accusatory language during your meeting, as this could make things turn ugly. Hopefully, your roofer will apologize for the issues and fix them straight away.
  • File a complaint: If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the roofer’s contractors association (if they’re members of one). Knowing that there’s a written complaint against the roofer might make him think twice about refusing to fix the botched job.
  • Take them to court: The final option for how a botched roofing job can be fixed in Florida is to take the contractor to small claims court. If you’ve collected all of your evidence from step one, this should be an open-and-shut case. Just be sure to hire a different roofing company to fix the roof after you’ve collected your money. After all, you never want that first roofer stepping foot on your property again!

Prevent a botched job by calling Winter Springs Roofing & Repair

Don’t find yourself Googling how to resolve a botched roofing job in Florida after your next roofing project. Instead, hire our team. These are a few of the reasons our customers choose us for their roofing needs:

  • Locally owned and operated: Hiring an out-of-town contractor is rarely the best idea. Out-of-towners don’t know the area, and they often overcharge their clients. That’s not a problem with us—we’ve been serving Orange and Seminole counties since the 1980s!
  • The best materials: A quality roofing project starts with the materials, which is why we only use name brands for our projects. You can rest easy that the materials will last for decades without failing.
  • Thorough work: Along with using the best materials on the market, we take our time to ensure all of our projects are done the right way. You’ll never find us cutting corners just to finish a job quicker or cheaper.

If you made a mistake and hired a shoddy roofer, your next move should be to call Winter Springs Roofing & Repair. If anyone knows how to resolve a botched roofing job in Florida, it’s us. We provide an array of services, and we can correct even the biggest mistakes. Reach out to learn more!

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