What Do You Need to Be Aware of on Your Roof?

For most homeowners, their roof is just the part of their home that keeps the rain out. Whether you realize it or not, though, your home’s roof is much more complicated than you might think. Indeed, in a lot of ways, your roof has a language all its own. Long before holes form and water starts leaking into your home, your roof will give you warning signs that it’s in trouble. So, what should you be aware of on your roof in Florida to avoid trouble?

Here are some things to look for.

The roof is warping

Ideally, the surface of your roof should be on a relatively flat surface. Sure, it might be on a slant, and the shingles will add some texture, but all in all, the roof should be relatively flat. If you notice that your roof’s slope is beginning to rise and fall at uneven intervals, it’s time to have a professional check it out.

Know its age

On top of the list of things on your roof you should be aware of is its age. Once your Florida roof hits the age of 25, its days are likely numbered. If you’ve taken exceptionally good care of your roof up to that point, or if you used materials designed to last longer (like metal or tile), you may get some more years out of it, but 25 is typically the age when standard roofing materials begin to break down.

Cracked or missing shingles

The most popular material for roofs is asphalt shingles, because they’re cheap and durable. One of the downsides of asphalt shingles is their tendency to crack, break or go missing. Sometimes the Florida sunshine takes its toll on a shingle, causing it to turn brittle. Sometimes one of our world-famous hurricanes confiscates a few on its way through town. Either way, when shingles go missing, the smart move is to have a roofer replace them as soon as you’re able.

An overabundance of moss

In a humid environment like ours, moss will occasionally begin to form on older roofs. One or two spores may not be a big deal, but over time, moss will grow downward, invading your home, undermining the structure of your roof and making your home smell. Make sure to remove any moss on your roof as soon as you can.

Your roofing team

When it comes right down to it, you know what you should be aware of on your roof in Florida? The phone number for Winter Springs Roofing & Repair. Since 1983, we have worked with countless homeowners to ensure their roofs are in tip-top shape. It doesn’t matter what your roof is made of or covered with—our team can help.

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