Five Important Roofing Facts to Remember This Winter

The roof is one part of your house that you might not think of very often—until it becomes a problem. If you’re wondering what to know as a first-year homeowner, it’s that the roof can be an expensive part of the home to repair or replace.

Getting the roof ready for unpredictable weather is a must, especially if you’re escaping from a cold climate to enjoy sunny Florida weather.

Here are our leading important winter facts for your home. Keep these in mind to ensure your safety and the structural integrity of your house.

Ice dams are among the biggest problems

Following a snowstorm, your roof could be at risk of dreaded ice dams. These form along the edge of the roof, preventing melting snow from draining away. Rainwater that refreezes may also cause ice dams. If an ice dam occurs, it could easily lead to parts of the roof leaking or sagging.

Before winter weather strikes, make sure that your gutters are clear of any leaves and debris. Having a properly-insulated attic can also help with blocking potential ice dams.

Be prepared

One item to check off the list is having professional roofing contractors check your home before winter weather begins. For one thing, you can address any problems before they’re exposed during a winter storm. For another, working on a roof during the winter can be dangerous and difficult. This way, you address any potentially loose or damaged shingles that could cause leaks or other issues down the line.

Hire an experienced roofing contractor

Let’s say you have to have a roof replaced during the winter. Of course, it’s better to go with another time of year, but things happen. It’s especially crucial to hire a contractor you trust during the winter months. That’s because there’s a much higher chance of a roof not being properly installed during winter due to the colder temperatures.

Avoid your roof during the winter

Unless you’re a trained professional, going on the roof during the winter is something you should avoid. If there are tree branches or debris on the roof, leave it to the pros to handle these items. If you want to check the roof, you’re going to have to do so from a safe distance. The fact is that navigating a roof during the colder, snowier months is tricky and hazardous.

Bring in the professionals for maintenance

Having proper maintenance for your roof is important all year round, but it’s especially critical before ice and snow bombard the roof, causing the potential for leaks, ice dams and more. Hire a trusted roofing contractor to analyze what the problems may be ahead of time to keep your roof functional and looking great.

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