What to Know About Chimney Repair and Remodeling

Chimneys are designed and constructed to last for years without failing; however, when they do start to fail, they should be rebuilt (or at least repaired) as soon as possible.

At this point, you may be wondering, “When should I rebuild my chimney?” It can be hard to tell if you don’t know what to look for. But luckily, we have all the answers. Continue reading to learn more.

When should I rebuild my chimney?

You may never have to worry about rebuilding or repairing your chimney, but if you notice any of the following signs, you’ll need to call a roofing contractor ASAP for help:

  • White bricks: Water can change brick from its natural reddish-brown color to a pale white. This kind of damage is known as efflorescence, and it’s the leading sign that your chimney needs some help. The white stains can be cleaned with soap and water, but the damage caused by the water isn’t so easy to fix. Depending on how many bricks are affected by efflorescence, you may need to have your chimney rebuilt.
  • Damaged crown: The chimney crown protects the rest of your chimney from weather and water damage. In the act of protecting your chimney, the chimney crown takes quite a bit of damage over time. If you catch and repair crown damage early, you may be able to avoid a total chimney rebuild, so it’s in your best interest to make repairs as soon as you can.
  • No chimney cap: Although some chimneys don’t have them, chimney caps act as a line of defense for your chimney crown. If your chimney cap is missing, it’s worth calling a professional to perform an inspection. There may be some unseen damage we need to address.
  • Spalling: Spalling occurs when bricks become saturated with water. After a while, that water causes bricks to chip, crumble or even fall right out of the mortar. This situation won’t go away on its own, so you’ll need to call a roofer to rebuild your chimney.

When should I remodel my chimney?

Rebuilding a chimney isn’t always necessary. Sometimes it just needs a small remodel. These are a few instances that you might want to consider remodeling your chimney:

  • Shoddy appearance: Your chimney might not be structurally flawed, but if the bricks have seen better days, you should consider having it remodeled. Remodeling your chimney can add a fresh new look to your home and even boost its resale value.
  • Outdated look: If you’ve recently upgraded your roof or made any other external improvements to your home, you should consider remodeling your chimney. This will give your home a more cohesive look while ensuring your chimney’s structurally sound.

Now’s the perfect time to get a chimney inspection

If you’re still asking yourself, “When should I remodel my chimney?” reach out to our team at Winter Springs Roofing & Repair. We’ll come out right away to perform a full chimney inspection to see if your chimney needs to be rebuilt, and we’ll start that process right away.

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