3 Ways To Keep Birds Off Your Roof

How do I get birds off my roof? You can use many tactics to keep birds from roosting on top of your house. Sometimes birds can try and nest on top of your home, which can result in many other issues. Believe it or not, birds are not good for your roof because their feces can cause damage to it since the droppings contain a lot of acids.

How To Keep Birds off Your Roof

If you are looking for a bird deterrent for roof areas, there are various tactics you can try. Birds can fly, unlike other creatures that like to get on top of your home. While flying is an advantage birds have, you can still deter them using some successful methods.

Put Roof Spikes on Top of the Roof

Roof spikes are not dangerous in the sense of harming birds. What they do is actually make it hard for birds to perch on your roof. This is seen as a great deterrent and can easily be put down around the ledges of your roof. These spikes can easily be purchased at your local home improvement store.

Eliminate Food

Food is obviously what attracts birds and other creatures on your roof and near your home. If you have any food lying near your home, such as water, bread crumbs, etc. you may want to consider getting rid of it.

Use Mock-Ups

Using mock-up animals is another great way to deter birds from landing on your roof. You can use fake falcons, ravens, and even owls and easily place them on top of your roof. Some of these mock-up animals create noises to deter birds. Additionally, you could even try just using animal sounds to scare the birds away without the actual mock-ups. If you have a speaker system, you are already a step ahead of the game. There are many sounds you can choose from depending on the type of bird you are trying to remove.

Install Nets

You can also install bird nets to make it difficult for birds to perch on top of your roof. Electric pads can also be placed over areas where the birds sit. These electric pads let off a shock if a bird lands on them, which will help them avert that particular spot. Pest control companies normally carry these strips. Keep in mind that the shock that is let off from these electric strips will not cause any injury to the birds.

Use Perch Repellent Gel

Perch repellent gel is also available for purchase at your local home improvement store. It is used to deter birds from sitting on your roof and is comparable to hot glue and can make birds feel uneasy while resting on your roof due to the adhesive from the gel.

If you have tried all of these methods and none of them seem to be effective, you can always call the pros. They can use other methods to help get rid of birds on the roof.


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