How To Know It Is Time To Repair Your Chimney

Chimneys are often used during the wintertime. Whether your chimney needs to be repaired or replaced is a question that most homeowners have. The good news is that chimney damage is almost always obvious, which means you will notice signs, particularly in the masonry work. This guide will provide insight on what to look for that may indicate it is time to search for chimney remodeling in Orlando and have yours replaced.

Signs Your Chimney Needs To Be Repaired

Here are some clear signs that you could need chimney restoration.

Water Damage

Once water enters the chimney system, it can cause damage and even destroy your chimney. Some obvious signs to look out for are white staining outside the masonry, damp areas on your walls, and water leaking in the firebox. You may also notice damp areas on the ceiling near your chimney or fireplace.

Mortar That Begins To Fall Apart

The mortar is what keeps the chimney’s bricks in place. If your chimney starts to fail, you may notice signs of crumbling or decay. This can be the result of water infiltration or weather. If this issue isn’t fixed right away, your entire chimney could fall.

Damaged or Loose Bricks

Bricks that are cracked by lightning strikes or water can really impact the structure of your chimney. Spalling or loose bricks can cause costly and major issues with your chimney.

Cracks in the Structure

If you see any obvious cracks in the bricks or mortar of your chimney, it could cause some major damage if left untreated. While it may seem like a small problem at first, it can turn major rather quickly once water gets into the cracks and freezes.

A Chimney That Is Tilting

A leaning or tilting chimney should be tended to right away. If left as is, it can collapse, putting your life and others at risk. If your chimney is leaning, it is time to contact a professional to inspect it, determine the cause, and repair it.

Damaged Chimney Crown

Chimney crowns are in place to protect the bricks and interior parts of the chimney. If there are cracks in the chimney crown, it could result from weather or bad-quality cement. Ignoring the problem can cause the decaying of the crown, which could put your chimney at risk of extensive damage.

Flawed Chimney Cap

Chimney caps are there to prevent water from entering the flue. Chimney caps also keep the crown protected. Chimney caps that are not fixed can cause water infiltration issues, and damage the bricks.

Why Chimney Repair Is Beneficial

Chimney inspections, whether they are currently damaged or not, should always be performed every year. This is the only way to know the significance of the damage. The best way to prevent repairs is to properly maintain your chimney. For example, you should always clean your fireplace after using it. Only use wood that is safe for your chimney.

If you notice damage to your chimney, you must have it repaired or replaced to prevent further damage. Chimneys are often used during the winter, so you should have them checked out for any potential issues in the fall.

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