Six Reasons to Glaze Your Roof During a Tile Roof Restoration in Central Florida

Some roofing contractors will tell you to paint your tile roof, others will tell you to power wash it and still others will recommend a complete re-roofing job to alleviate your tile concerns. None of these options is the right answer and in fact, all three of them will end up costing you more than you realize in the long run!

When you’re faced with questions about your tile roofing and need it restored or refinished, there’s only one true option for tile roof restoration in Central Florida: glazing. This practice isn’t too often used by run-of-the-mill contractors, simply because they’re not certified or don’t want to put the effort in. But, at Winter Springs Roofing & Repairs, we’re familiar with all of the benefits of tile glazing:

  1. It seals your roof: Unlike some of the other methods of restoring your roof’s brilliance, glazing your tile actually seals it against the elements, preserving the color of your tile and integrity of the material, as well as protecting it from moisture, mold and other damaging variables. The seal is protective and lasting, giving you more bang for your restoration buck!
  2. Better than new condition: Here’s a secret that no other roofing contractor has ever told you—cement roofing tiles are ageless! If you properly maintain them and approach tile roof restoration in Central Florida the right way, you’ll never have to replace them, which is why tile glazing is the way to go. A glaze will protect and restore your tiles to a better than new condition!
  3. Increased value: A tile roof that’s been subjected to a restorative glaze is going to be a roof that’s more valuable than its neighbor. In turn, this will increase your home’s value and curb appeal.
  4. Better aesthetic: If you think that your battered roof tiles look bad now, let an inexperienced contractor paint or power wash them, then take a look at them five years down the road—you’re not going to be happy with what you see! Glazing your tile keeps your roof looking fresh for years, giving you a sense of pride in your home and its overall appearance.
  5. Flexibility: Just like you can change the color of your home or your car with a new paint job, you can change the color of your roof with a tile glaze that locks in color! Want a friendlier color to help keep your home cool in the winter? No problem—just have a new color sealed into your glaze!
  6. Return on investment: Glazing as a form of tile roof restoration in Central Florida is going to be the option with the most return on investment, even over completely re-roofing your home. Why? Because it’s cost effective up front, lasts for a tremendous amount of time and preserves your materials overall. Stack up the costs of a new roof or repairs on a roof that was improperly maintained against those of a glazing and you’ll see the savings take shape!

If the time has come to consider the state of your tile roof, don’t even entertain the idea of power washing, repainting or even re-roofing when tile glazing is an option! Call Winter Springs Roofing & Repair today to learn more about the benefits of glazing as a form of tile roof restoration in Central Florida!

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