What Happens When You Power Wash Tile Roofing in Central Florida?

You may have noticed recently that your tile roof is looking a little dirty these days—maybe there’s a thin layer of dirt and dust on it or perhaps there’s a chalky texture to it that’s making your home look a little worse for the wear. Like any responsible homeowner, you’re likely going to want to remedy this. And what’s the easiest, most convenient way to get the grime off of your home? Power washing.

Sounds like a great idea, power washing your tile roofing in Central Florida, right? Well, it’s not and actually, it’s one of the worst things you can do for your roof. Sure, your tile may look clean when you’re through blasting it with pressurized water and whatever chemicals came with the washer rental, but the lasting damage that you’ll have done is going to creep back into the picture sooner rather than later.

Damaging your tile beyond repair

What exactly is wrong with power washing tile roofing and what type of damage are you going to be faced with if you so choose to go through with it? Well, for starters, you’re going to destroy the specialized sealant that is applied to seal the tile.

Have you ever wondered why rain seems to roll right off of your tile and never really damages the material itself? It’s not just because of the slope of your roof—it’s also because the tile is sealed with a protective layer that prevents all sorts of elements from affecting your roof, such as moisture, fungi and more. Power washing strips this right off, however, leaving your fresh looking roof exposed to all of the things it was once protected from.

More than just stripping your tile of it’s protective sealant, however, power washing also erodes your tile. Think about the Grand Canyon—it shows the true power of water and the damage it can do over time. Now, picture your tile being forcefully blasted with water and imagine the strain of the material to stay resilient against such a force. It’s just not going to happen and you’re going to end up dulling your tile, literally eroding it down.

Finally, with all of the abuse and vulnerability that your tile roofing in Central Florida is going to sustain through a power washing, the last blow to your home is going to be the cost it takes to repair your tile. You see, if you pressure wash your tile, there’s a good chance you’re going to void your roofing warranty, leaving you exposed to high repair costs when it comes time to take care of your tainted tile!

The right way to do it

Rather than fancying yourself a DIY enthusiast or taking matters into your own hands if you notice your roof is looking a little shabby these days, call a professional to have your roof re-glazed. This is the one and only true way to restore and protect tile roofing and it can only be done by a trained professional with a depth of experience in dealing with the process.

A glaze will do everything power washing can’t: restore your roof’s shine, protect it against developing vulnerabilities, keep it strong and even change the color of your roof, if you so choose! When it comes time to clean up your roof and give it some attention, make the smart choice and keep the pressure washer in the garage.

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