Why Choose Tile Roofing for Your Roof Remodel in Central Florida?

Any homeowner that’s been faced with a roofing dilemma knows that the money you put into your roof is pretty much equivalent to what you’re going to get out of it, provided you have knowledgeable professionals do the work. This couldn’t be truer than when it comes to a complete roof remodel in Central Florida—knowing your options and making the right choice for your home is going to have a profound impact on how the next decade of your life as a homeowner plays out.

Here at Winter Springs Roofing & Repairs, we firmly believe that when it comes to picking out the best roofing material for your home, there’s no better choice than tile roofing. For the price and all of the truly exceptional benefits that come with it, tile roofing is a standalone material and we’re absolutely here to explain why:

Timeless and ageless

How many years would you expect to get out of a traditional asphalt shingle roof? Ten or twelve, depending on the weather and your maintenance decisions, right? While this might sound good to many people, what they’re not realizing is that the alternative—tile roofing—comes with the potential for an infinite lifespan, provided it’s taken care of properly.

That’s right, tile roofing will literally last you forever if you take care of it—meaning you won’t have to dig deep into your pockets every decade or so to replace a roof that’s failing you. All tile roofing requires is a glaze every decade or so and you’ll be back to appreciating your roof for everything that it is and all that it does. And the best part is that the glaze is noninvasive, quickly applied and lasts as long as a traditional roof remodel in Central Florida!

Energy efficient

Ask any Floridian about their energy bill during peak summer months and you’re not likely to be met with a happy response—AC and cooling costs go through the roof and people spend a fortune keeping themselves comfortable. Luckily, this isn’t always the case for people with tile roofs. You see, tile roofing is extremely energy efficient in that it keeps the hot rays of the sun from cooking your home and works to trap forced air temperatures more effectively within your living space. The result is a better quality of life for a whole lot less money!

Beautiful and value-adding

What’s the point of every improvement we make to our homes? Other than to improve our quality of life, it’s about raising the value of what we own, meaning increasing the curb value of our homes. Even if you don’t intend to move, choosing tile roofing for your home is going to add tremendous value to it and, as an added bonus, is going to improve the overall beauty and aesthetic of your property.

The benefits of tile roofing go on and on and at the end of the day, there’s really no contest when it comes to picking a roofing material that gives you everything: tile roofing is the king. To learn more about its many benefits, consult one of our stellar contractors today!

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