Ideas for Chimney Remodeling in Central Florida

Summer is a good time for working on your home, and that includes chimney remodeling in Central Florida. It may seem like all you can do is restore your chimney’s original look but in fact, there are many more ideas that will let you change the design. Here are some ideas to consider if it is time to give your chimney an update.

Built-in shelves

Fireplaces and chimneys are an eye-catching central area to your home. If you have display items, working them around your fireplace will make them more noticeable. These can also be used for storage if you collect books or DVDs, but be sure that there is no fire danger before you stack those shelves.

Homeowners also install built-in shelves above the fireplace for flat-screen TVs. This development frees up needed floor space and gives your room fresh lines.

Adding a mosaic

The white-painted wooden mantel of your fireplace likely dates back to when your home was originally built. It once allowed for flexibility in design, but now it just appears plain. If you want more to look at than white paint, consider installing a stone mosaic around and in front of the fireplace. You can change out original stone or create a template for a new pattern. Put together the right combination and you will create an eye-popping centerpiece for your living room instead of something that is merely functional without much style.

Stone restoration

Sometimes, you like the design just fine—it just happens to look really old and could use refreshing. Restoring stone or brick work will help your chimney appear new again. Many people order this work after buying new carpet or furniture so the additions are not offset by a shabby fireplace.

Wood mantels

You have a nice stone or brick fireplace wall but no place to rest items. Adding a wood mantel against these backdrops will solve this problem. You can find ways to highlight the stone and make better use of the space around your fireplace.

Replace the surface

Chimney remodeling includes successful transitions to new materials. A brick fireplace with burn marks, chips or cracks is easily changed by using tile. This process is often very common when homeowners switch from wood-burning to gas fireplaces, as the first offers many more decorating options.

Ensure its structural integrity

Before you decorate, make sure your chimney is not going to crumble down into debris first. Chimneys are often a trouble area for the roof as it connects to up to three levels and offers many troublesome areas for contractors looking to repair a roof or chimney. Exposed to elements, chimneys can corrode, too, and this gets worse if they are not cleaned regularly.

Before you start on a big interior remodeling project, contact a skilled contractor to assess the structural components of your chimney. Winter Springs Roofing & Repairs handles chimney remodeling in Central Florida, and we can ensure that your chimney remains sturdy and does not let in drafts or water leaks. Before you decide on aesthetic changes, call us today for a visit to assess your chimney.

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