Is Skylight Installation in Central Florida Appropriate for My Home?

A skylight of any size will brighten up the darkest rooms. There is no doubt that they add to your home’s value and improve your living situation. But this can all be for naught if your room is not appropriate for the type of skylight installation in Central Florida that you desire and you do not manage the sun right. Here are five aspects to consider before you buy a skylight so it adds, rather than reduces, the appeal of your home.

Fixed or venting?

Skylights come in two options: fixed and venting. Fixed units are like any other non-opening window—they let in light and nothing else. Venting skylights can open and let hot air escape or fresh air back in.

If you have high ceilings and no way to open a venting unit, a fixed unit will save you money and frustration. Lower ceilings can likely accommodate a venting unit, or if you are insistent on having a skylight that opens, there are special rods you can use to open your skylight in rooms with higher ceilings.

How is room ventilation?

You do not want a skylight collecting condensation and growing mold. This is especially true for skylights installed in bathrooms, as humidity often concentrates at the skylight. In these less-ventilated areas, consider a venting skylight to let moisture escape or install a venting fan that will provide air circulation for the area.

Will the skylight add light or heat your home?

It would seem like installing a skylight where your home receives the most sun exposure makes sense. However, making that decision will not just add light into your home. You will also add heat and put more of a strain on your HVAC system. Skylight glass was once a one-size-fits-all concept, but now it is offered in different designs that affect light and heat transfer. If the skylight is being installed in a room where you have antiques or other items sensitive to sunlight, consider buying the skylight a shade so you can protect those items when the sun is at its strongest.

Will your framing support it?

Skylights are made for standard 16- or 24-inch framing. If you want a large skylight, the roofer needs to cut more rafters. With standard framing, this is not a difficult process. But if your roof is not conventionally framed or trussed, this will present a challenge. You may need to pay more for a more customized job or buy multiple small windows to create the effect you want.

Are you stuck on one style?

The size of your skylight will have to match the room size. A very tiny skylight in a large bathroom, for example, will not make much difference. You may also be set on a large traditionally shaped skylight but learn that a tubular skylight works better for your space. Keep some room in your budget in case something larger or more customized will work better for your space. You may discover better ideas if you keep your mind open.

Winter Springs Roofing & Repairs offers skylight installation in Central Florida. Whether you need help with a tubular skylight or look to create a virtual glass ceiling, we can help ensure quality installation. Please call us today for a consultation.

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