Why You Should Invest in Tile Roof Restoration in Central Florida

Take care of your tile roof, and it will take care of you for the long term. Besides being fun to look at, tile roofs are one of the most economical investments available, which makes them more than deserving of tile roof restoration in Central Florida. A restoration normally involves cleaning, glazing and inspection, as simply pressure washing and painting only keep it clean, rather than preserved. If you remain content to only clean your roof, consider these six reasons to invest in restoring it as well:

  • Dirt and debris: A messy roof is not just unsightly. It can also deteriorate the surface of tiles so they are unlikely to stand up to weather elements and unrelenting sunshine. In time, the dirt can discolor tiles and the restoration process protects them from that effect. A good cleaning is always necessary, as letting buildup occur will also put undue pressure on your roof and lead to structural problems. The sealing helps repel dirt so it does not build up like it used to before the restoration.
  • Mold and mildew: Mold and mildew are also a plague on tile roofs. If they fester, they also become difficult to remove. Adding a glaze will help prevent mold and mildew, or at least slow their growth so they can be removed more easily before causing extensive discoloration.
  • Pressure washing damage: Many homeowners just allow mold and algae to accumulate on their tile roofs, and then give it a good pressure washing once it becomes visible. Unfortunately, this causes more harm than good. Frequent pressure washing leads to pitting in tiles, which makes them porous, compromising their signature durability. To make matters worse, the person doing the cleaning is often not a professional roofer, so the tiles face further damage. Adding protection reduces the amount of cleaning a roof requires.
  • Damage control: Hiring a professional to restore your tile roof also means detecting damage before it becomes a serious issue. Also, hiring someone who really knows what they are doing means your tile roof will not be compromised under inappropriate foot traffic or mishandling. Not only does your tile receive needed repairs, but the workers are also property trained, so your roof will not sustain further damage during the repair process.
  • Adds sealant: Tiles are sealed during manufacturing, but that wears out in time. A thorough roof restoration of gentle cleaning and re-glazing will refresh sealant so your tiles stand up better to the elements.
  • Restore color: Even if the roof has not endured rough treatment, the tile naturally fades with time. Roof glaze helps restore the original natural color. Putting some extra investment into roof restoration definitely adds beauty to your home that people will notice.

When you are ready for a tile roof restoration in Central Florida, call Winter Springs Roofing & Repairs. We use the gentlest cleaning and the finest glazing techniques on the market to help your roof stand up to elements for the long term.

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