When to Pursue Skylight Replacement in Central Florida

There is plenty of debate online regarding skylight repair or replacement. While this light-giving feature for your home benefits from simple repairs most of the time, it does eventually get to a point where replacement is your only option. Here are circumstances in which you may wish to pursue skylight replacement in Central Florida, especially if yours has been showing significant signs of wear and tear.

Replacing your roof

If you have a dirty, dingy and leaking skylight and are also looking into replacing your roof, this is an excellent time to install a new skylight. Workers are up there anyway, and besides, do you really want an old skylight detracting from your new roof? You can have all this work done in one fell swoop instead of scheduling follow-up work later when your skylight really becomes inadequate.


Most leaks can be repaired. However, sometimes your consistent and dedicated caulking and re-caulking will not be enough. When you are leaving a ladder in the room where your skylight is installed to make those frequent repairs less inconvenient, you are likely spending too much time repairing leaks and not enough time enjoying the natural light. Replace the skylight and save yourself further trouble. Sometimes the best money-saving measure is to replace the old with something more durable.

Energy efficient options available

Heating and cooling costs are increasing. The skylight you installed 10 years ago may not meet the same efficiency standards offered today. With all the new options in energy-saving glass and design, it may be time for an upgrade. You will enjoy better insulation and fewer leaks along with all the benefits skylights offer. Tax credits and lower utility bills are also advantages you should not overlook.

Storm damage

Our nasty windstorms can break skylight windowpanes and mechanisms on skylights that open. If there is a loud crash on your skylight, you will want to check the glass for damage, as what you see from the inside may not reveal the truth outside. For sufficiently violent weather, it is prudent to replace the whole thing altogether instead of risking it crashing down in the next storm. While there is a good chance that a damaged skylight may withstand weather forces for years to come, it may not be worth the risk.

It’s just time

Like your roof, plumbing and other home features, skylights just get old. If it is over 12 years old, leaks constantly and is an old, inefficient style, it likely does not fit your home anymore. You may not be due for a new roof for another five to six years, but replacing your skylight now instead of later will mean cost savings and more reliable construction. Sometimes, extenuating circumstances make skylight replacement a stand-alone project.

Winter Springs Roofing & Repairs serves customers in need of roofing and skylight replacement in Central Florida. Whether it is just to reseal a skylight or install a new one, we give each job our full and careful attention. Give us a call today for an estimate to replace or repair your skylights.

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