Upgrades to Consider with Roofing Services in Central Florida

If you are getting your roof restored or redone, you might as well order some upgrades, too. Paying attention to these details can increase or at least help maintain the value of your home and prevent future damage. If you wish to increase livability and give your home a cleaner appearance, these six upgrades will help you out:

  • Gutter protection: Your current custom gutters may be very nice looking, but do you spend just about every weekend cleaning them? Rather than resent this chore, add a gutter protection system. This feature makes maintaining this essential roof component much easier. It will also control water better by not accumulating debris while you spend less time on gutter cleaning. These systems are offered in many styles and colors to match your current gutters and your home’s features.
  • New gutters: If you are not lucky enough to have really nice gutters in good repair, bypass the protection system and just replace them all next time you need roofing services in Central Florida. Lower maintenance varieties are now available, and gutter protection is often part of their package. You will accomplish two projects in one with this upgrade—you will have gutters that are easier to manage, and your nice new roof will not be framed by a worn-out gutter system.
  • Chimney caps: Installing an airtight chimney cap keeps out rain, and if you screen it, it will keep out birds and other small animals, too. This will preserve the condition of your chimney so you do not have to invest in repairs or remodeling later. Caps also save energy by blocking off one more place for air leaks. The only time air is not leaking out of your chimney is when it is being used, so the cap is a good warm-weather precaution.
  • Improved ventilation: Heat rises and will linger in the attic without proper ventilation. Installing ridge vents across the top of the roof will allow this hot air to escape, placing fewer demands on your air conditioning, which will lower your utility bills. You will find the upper floors of your home more comfortable, too.
  • Energy efficient shingles: If you do not have a tile roof, look into energy efficient shingles. Reflective shingles that keep the sunlight from heating up your home are available in many colors and textures, when, once upon a time, they were not an attractive option at all. You can now choose something that matches your home and helps your expenses.
  • Skylights: Did you ever think that a certain room would be perfect for a skylight? Roof installation is the perfect time to add a skylight! Not only are the workers at your home anyway, the re-roofing process makes it easier to install the elements needed for your new skylight. If you have been putting this off because you think it is too difficult or expensive, add this upgrade when your roof needs work.

For quality roofing services in Central Florida, contact Winter Springs Roofing & Repairs for restoration and repair. We also install skylights and remodel chimneys to enhance the appearance of your home.

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