Viewing Roofing Photos in Central Florida Before Your Next Roof Upgrade

It is always nice when a contractor provides roofing photos in Central Florida that highlight their past work. However, looking at these photos is not the same as reviewing your friends’ latest vacation slide show. While some elements, like color and style, may be obvious reference points for you, there are other aspects you should review as well. Here is a guide to evaluating a contractor’s roofing photos and what to look for specifically:

  • Similar styles: If you are looking to match your home’s current roofing style, keep an eye out for photos that display that look. These will indicate whether the contractor has experience in the look you seek for your home. Likewise, if you are hoping to undergo a complete change in your roof’s look, check out the photo gallery for anything similar to that, as well.
  • Photo clarity: Some roofers offer clear photos that leave little to the imagination. You want clear photos that show details. If the photos are not clear, it is safe to assume that the contractor is hiding something. Look at the other photos to see if there is a pattern, or if that one photo is just a fluke.
  • Roof shape: You may have your heart set on a clay tile roof, but if your roof is flat, that is a very bad idea. When admiring the work performed on other homes, look primarily at homes that have a roof shape and incline similar to yours. This is especially important if you are still choosing a new roof, as you are less likely to be disappointed when you learn one style is not right for your home.
  • Different views: Just like unclear photos may hide a preponderance of sins, so can photos only taken at one angle. While this could be due to homeowner preference, look through the entire album to see if all homes are photographed the same way. This pattern could be indicative of a lack of creativity in filling albums, but it can also show problematic patterns with the work quality itself.
  • Work-in-progress: The work-in-progress may not be the prettiest picture in the album, but it shows that the company actually performs work. It is also an indicator of pride in the service being provided. These are also very educational, as they will show the in-between stages involved with roofing or chimney repair.
  • Different home styles: Finally, you should check to see if the contractor works on a variety of different home styles. This is especially true if you do not see something similar to your own home represented. If there are many different types displayed, at least you know the contractor can adapt.

Winter Springs Roofing & Repairs performs work all over our service area, and we have the roofing photos in Central Florida to prove it. If our galleries do not show what you are looking for, just ask. We have likely performed the work you request and can assure you of our expertise.

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