Roofing Services in Central Florida That Protect Homes from Water Damage

It is the wet season here in Central Florida, and roofing services can make the difference between sustaining water damage and staying dry. While water damage can occur from many causes, including plumbing failure, roof shortcomings are one of the more common culprits when people unfortunately find their homes too wet for comfort. You can reduce the likelihood of inconvenience (and a probable insurance claim) by arranging for these roofing services in Central Florida:

  • Replace drainage system: When water cannot drain from your roof, it will pool and weigh it down. Then one day (or night) your ceiling will come toppling into a watery mess. To make matters worse, water likely accumulated in your attic first, giving you the perfect mold garden. Drainage systems often need attention after a season of heavy storms or simply after enough time passes by. If you find your gutters are wearing out and your downspouts are not as full, it may be time to see what is going on with the drainage system.
  • Fix leaks: A leaking roof is not just annoying—it is also damage slowly building up until one day, you experience a very wet disaster. Leaks will not always result from obvious damage such as tree branches puncturing your roof or general wear and tear. Seals around skylights will thin, and if you have a rooftop air conditioning unit, that is yet another possibility for creating leaks. Giving the seals of any rooftop features a thorough check from time to time will help you detect the less obvious leaks that can cause damage later.
  • Resurfacing or restoration: As roofs wear out, they will also slope and sag. This gives water a chance to pool, and even the most high-end drainage system will not help you with this problem. When this becomes an issue, your roof requires a more comprehensive repair or the weight of the pooling water will eventually give in to greater damage both inside and outside your home. Resurfacing, restoring or replacing your roof is the best option when you face this development.
  • Check vents: Roof vents are often instrumental for HVAC purposes, but they are also an opportunity for damage. Finding ways to protect them from water without compromising their function will control the likelihood of water damage. Not all new home construction companies are careful with vents, so you may benefit from having us check them out as well.
  • Seal roof decks: Adding another membrane to your roof deck adds more protection from water. It will add extra reassurance if a primary roof cover blows off and leaves you exposed. You will want to hire an expert to take care of this, as the sealant needs to be watertight enough to keep water out of your attic when the primary roof is lost. This can prove essential during high winds and heavy rain that would wreak havoc for lesser construction.

Winter Springs Roofing & Repairs offers a variety of roofing services in Central Florida, including restoration, repair and replacement. Call us today to discuss your options and secure an estimate.

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