Seven Tips to Consider Before a Roof Remodel in Central Florida

The chance for a roof remodel in Central Florida typically only comes around once every 20 years or so, meaning that when you do decide to do it, your choices will carry quite a bit of weight. With so much riding on your every decision, you need to make sure you are fully informed and approaching the process from all angles. When you hire a quality contractor, that becomes a lot easier, but it is still crucial that you understand things for yourself. With that in mind, here are seven tips to consider before a roof remodel in Central Florida:

  • Consider curb appeal: Curb appeal is very important for a house’s overall value, and is particularly significant if you think you might sell your house before replacing the roof again. Functionality is the most important thing, but that certainly does not mean you have to sacrifice style.
  • Don’t get stuck: Many homeowners choose to use the same old roofing material and style time and time again, just because that is all that they know. Rather than just using shingles because they are what you’ve always used, ask your contractor for different recommendations.
  • Speak up: Speaking of talking to your contractor, this is something you will want to do quite a bit throughout the entire process. Remember that you are the one paying for this roof, so you have a right to know how things are progressing, whether the budget has changed, which materials are ideal and any things you might be wondering about.
  • Stay up to code: Your contractor should know your local building code forwards and backwards, meaning you’ll probably be protected from any potential issues. That being said, it is a smart idea for you to double check, just to make sure you are not violating any building or material rules.
  • Ask for pictures: These days, contractors can use modern technology to show you a highly accurate rendering of how your new roof will look on your existing house. Ask if your contractor offers this service, and also inquire about viewing samples of their past work.
  • Think big picture: When it comes to price, many homeowners might be tempted to choose the cheapest of everything. But keep in mind that this roof will likely serve you for a couple decades. When you divide the cost over 20 years, you might find that high quality is more affordable than you think.
  • Remember efficiency: Finally, having a roof made of energy efficient materials is beneficial in three different ways: it helps the environment, it helps you save money on utility bills and it helps your home sell for more should you choose to put it on the market. Ask your contractor for more information about energy efficient roofs.

When the time comes for your roof remodel in Central Florida, we hope these tips prove helpful. For more information, please contact the team at Winter Springs Roofing & Repairs anytime. We look forward to hearing from you!

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