New Roofing in Central Florida? Don’t Forget About Skylight Replacement

When it is time to retile or invest in new roofing in Central Florida, you may also wonder if it is time for skylight replacement, too. If you do not opt to replace them at the same time as your roof, we will likely have the flashing reinstalled, and if you have newer skylights, this will likely be more than adequate. However, if your skylights are near the end of their useful life, it is prudent to replace them if you have us up there reroofing anyway. Here are five reasons why this may be your best option:

  • Price differential: If your home has multiple skylights, the per-unit price differential on each is lower. It makes it less expensive to replace them all at once (and on the same schedule) then to do a one-by-one replacement in the upcoming years. Also, when you consider that the new skylights are more energy efficient, more cost savings arise from your lower utility bills.
  • Lower possibility of leaks: Working around a skylight is tricky. It can be done, but even the most skilled contractors can disturb the area around a skylight. That compromises seals, and the first time a large rainstorm hits, you will discover the effects. Also, skylights often need to be removed anyway in order to finish the reroofing. If it is not compatible with the new roofing layout, you will experience leaks and have to replace it anyway.
  • Preserve warranties: Since the skylight may need to be disassembled during the installation of new roofing in Central Florida, that will usually void any warranties currently in effect. Even if it leaks or fails for reasons not linked to the roofing job, you will not be able to recover under that warranty. Sometimes, that is not a risk worth taking, especially if the skylight is an older model with a lifetime warranty. With a new skylight, you get to start over with a fresh warranty that you know remains effective.
  • More expensive work later: If your skylight does not do well with your new roof, everything will need to be removed and resealed. Reinstalling an older skylight falls under the category of “it could be done,” but after paying all those labor costs, is it really worth it? After reviewing the possibilities of leaks and cracks, many people decide that risking another costly project in the future is not worth it. The only way to avoid that entirely is to replace the skylight.
  • Replacement is imminent: Skylights have a lifespan of approximately 10 to 15 years. Saving a skylight that is only three years old is likely worth the risk and effort. That is new enough to be compatible with current roofing material and techniques, plus it also has the energy efficiency advantages. However, if your skylight is eight years old, that is close enough to the end of its lifespan to consider replacing it along with your roof.

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