Your Roof Can Benefit from Waterproofing in Seminole County, FL—Here’s How

Is your home watertight? A solid roof design and proper maintenance can ensure your home stays dry. Waterproofing is a key step in this process. When your roof is not waterproof, you can encounter a slew of damage and health risks. Consider waterproofing in Seminole County, FL to avoid the following dangers of a leaky roof:

  • Damage to your attic and ceiling: When the roof fails to keep the water out, one of the first things to suffer is your attic. The invading water will damage any items stored there. If your home has no attic, your ceilings take the hit first. It will also cause damage to paint, plaster and adjacent walls. If you have any ceiling-mounted fixtures or fans, these are also at risk.
  • Mold and mildew growth: A leaky roof lets in moisture that can cause mold, which can then spread throughout your home’s structure. It can also enter your HVAC system and spread through your vents to invade the entire home. Over time, mold can cause health issues for those breathing it each day. It is also difficult and expensive to get rid of once it has spread in the home.
  • Fire hazards: We usually think of water as the solution to a fire, but uninvited water can actually cause fire. If the roof leaks and allows water to come in contact with electrical wiring in the ceiling or attic, this could cause a short. This mix of water and electricity can be extremely dangerous. If you discover a leak near electrical wiring, shut off the electricity and contact a contractor for repairs ASAP.
  • Deteriorated structure: A leaky roof can lead to serious problems with the structure of your home. Your rafters, ceiling joists, wall framing and exterior trim are all at risk. Continued water exposure will cause rot and weaken the structural integrity of your home. Ensure repairs are done right away if you discover a leak. It will save you money and heartache down the road.
  • High utility bills: When your roof leaks, it saturates your insulation. When saturated, this material takes a long time to dry. The insulation is depleted and no longer properly protects your home from outdoor temperatures. It also fails to keep air inside, making your air conditioner or furnace work that much harder. As a result, your poorly insulated home generates more expensive utility bills. Not to mention the extra air that enters and escapes through the holes in the roof!

What’s the solution?

Proper care of your roof is essential to avoid these costly damages. To ensure your home is watertight, call a contractor right away if you suspect a leak in the roof. To prevent future leaks, have your roof protected with professional waterproofing and roof glazing. Professional waterproofing in Seminole County, FL will ensure your roof is sealed up and your home is protected. Winter Springs Roofing & Repairs offers a patented roof glazing system to complete this process. This system safely cleans, bonds, color seals and clear coats your roof. It helps repel water, reducing your risk of leaks. With proper repair and roof glazing, we’ll protect your roof better than new. Contact the pros at Winter Springs Roofing & Repairs today to prevent roof leaks tomorrow.

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