Add a Skylight to Roofing in Central Florida

Have you ever noticed the openness of your ceiling and wondered, “How can I utilize all that space?” Instead of putting in new lighting fixtures or decorative beams, consider having skylights professionally installed for all-day sunlight. Let’s take a look at five benefits of adding a skylight to roofing in Central Florida:

  • Energy efficiency: These days, many of us have found ways to save electricity or reduce our energy consumption to help preserve the environment. We use energy efficient light bulbs, set the thermostat to a more modest temperature and turn off devices powered by electricity when they’re not in use, and some people have converted their homes to run off of solar power. Installing skylights throughout your home to do the work of light fixtures is another way to save energy, since you will be using your lights less during the day.
  • Fresh air and ventilation: While some roof windows, or skylights, are stationary to allow light to beam through, others are manufactured to open and close. Venting skylights open up to draw out warm air while letting in cooler air that’s naturally cycled or assisted by fans. If nothing else, the fresh air you will benefit from is good enough reason to install skylights that you can open.
  • Lower energy bills: When you start shaving your energy consumption, you’ll notice a reduction in your monthly energy costs—especially when your air conditioner sees less action should you choose to install venting skylights. But going green does not have to mean converting all electricity-dependent aspects of your home at the same time. Consider starting small, like taking on a less invasive project so as to not overwhelm yourself financially: skylight installation for roofing in Central Florida is the perfect project for households looking to enjoy more sunlight indoors.
  • Privacy: Many newer homes are built close together, which leaves little option for good spots where windows can be installed. Want natural light in your home’s most private rooms? This is where skylights come in handy. If privacy from neighbors and passersby is important to you—like in your bedroom, your bathroom or just in general—then put windows in your ceiling and through the roof instead of going with traditional wall windows.
  • Health benefits: Not only do skylights provide free light, but the light is also natural and, therefore, a fantastic source of vitamin D. Moreover, poor indoor lighting is responsible for headaches, fatigue, depression and some illnesses, but when you’re exposed to natural light, these disappear and seasonal mood changes are balanced out. Having sunlight coming into your home can uplift you during the darker winter months and make you happier in the summer. Also, a sufficient amount of sunlight is good for lowering blood pressure, which can reduce stress and anxiety.

For quality, energy efficient skylight installation for roofing in Central Florida, contact the professionals at Winter Springs Roofing & Repairs and start enjoying more indoor sunlight today. It’s because of our expertise in roofing construction that we are able to install your home’s skylights correctly and without incident.

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