Why You Should Take Advantage of Professional Waterproofing for Commercial Roofing in Central Florida

Unlike the angled roofing we see on most residential homes, roofs on commercial buildings tend to have a flat construction. That’s not to say a residential roof cannot be flat, but reasons for a wide, flat commercial roof range from safer roof access to being able to house large fixtures—like industrial sized HVAC units and oversized ventilation shafts. And although professional roofers will make certain to install adequate drainage systems on flat roofs, there’s always a chance for water damage to occur.

That said, here are some ways professional waterproofing can provide added protection to commercial roofing in Central Florida:

  • Energy efficiency: Some waterproof roof coatings are manufactured with specific ingredients to reflect building-damaging sunlight and heat. In this case, your roof benefits. Thanks to the coat’s sun-blocking power, your employees and clients won’t feel hot all the time, and you won’t need to set the air conditioner on full blast—and thus, your cooling bills will be lower.
  • Boost indoor comfort: Aside from a waterproofed roof reflecting the sun to keep the inside of the building cool, it also plays a roll in decreasing humidity. This is because, if the roof cannot crack or shrink, then roof leaks can’t occur and humidity issues will decline. So if you make the decision to invest in waterproofing your commercial roof, in turn, you’ll also be enhancing everybody’s indoor comfort.
  • Excellent protection: Worry is a natural feeling, especially when you’ve invested a hefty sum into your brick and mortar business location. To ease your mind so you can focus more on conducting business, choose professional waterproofing in Central Florida for your commercial building’s roof. With proper installation, it’s a great protective barrier. That way, your roof is better prepared to protect the building’s interior from water damage.
  • Long lasting roof: Since a waterproof coating on the roof acts as an extra layer of protection from the elements, it’s only fair to assume that a coated roof is strong—and it is! A waterproof coating also helps to hold the roof together, meaning it does not get damaged too easily or break down like it normally would. It can outlast a roof made of standard materials.
  • Easy maintenance: Any type of roof requires preventive maintenance and regular inspections to ensure its effectiveness as a shelter. Also, your cleaning crew will enjoy carrying a light load of supplies up to the roof now that it’s a quicker job, and they will welcome not having to use as much elbow grease. With the help of a waterproofed coating over the original roof, surface issues are less likely to form, and repairs are easier to make—that is, if your original roofing material was undamaged and still structurally sound before the coating was applied.

For more information about why you should take advantage of professional waterproofing for commercial roofing in Central Florida, give us a call at Winter Springs Roofing & Repairs today. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and we’re ready to walk you through ideas to improve your business building’s roof.

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