Understanding Drip Edges: What They Do, Why They’re Important

If you’re planning to have a roof installed for your home or business, you’ll likely find that a drip edge is a valuable addition worth having. But if you’re like a lot of people, you’re probably not familiar with what a drip edge is.

This post explains what this roofing feature does and why it’s important. Once you understand what a drip edge is and are ready to schedule an appointment for roof waterproofing in Central Florida, contact the experts at Winter Springs Roofing & Repair.

What Is a drip edge?

A drip edge is a wood or metal strip that can be applied to your roof by a roofing professional. It increases the longevity of your roof and offers a more attractive appearance.

Why Is a drip edge Important?

A drip edge has a very important function. It serves to waterproof a structure (in this case, your roof). It increases the efficiency of the watershed system at the edges of your roof. (Watershedding refers to your roof’s slope and drainage system and how well they jettison water away from your roof.)

As a drip edge moves water away from your roof (and by extension, your home or business), it provides protection to the wood underneath. A drip edge also prevents movement from occurring between the roof’s deck and fascia boards.

On an aesthetic level, the drip edge brings a polished, finished appearance to an asphalt shingled roof.

Without the installation of a drip edge, if water makes its way under the shingles on your roof, staining and deterioration may occur along the roof’s deck and fascia boards. These conditions may worsen over time, decreasing the effectiveness of your roof’s watershed system.

What else should I know about drip edges?

  • They should be corrosion resistant: When the roofing professional you hire installs a drip edge, they will be sure it is corrosion resistant. They will apply it to the roof’s edge, specifically along the eaves, and may nail the drip edge if needed to be sure it remains in place.
  • They can be retrofitted: If your home or business already has a roof installed but there is not a drip edge in place, not to worry. Our roofing professionals can add this feature to an existing roof.
  • Installing them should be left to professionals: While you may be able to find drip edges at your local home improvement store, the best option is to leave the installation to a professional who is experienced in this area. Drip edge installation by an amateur can result in headaches, as well as time and money, if the procedure is not performed correctly.

Your roof is an essential part of your home or business, so you want to make sure the watershed system is performing as effectively and efficiently as possible.

When it comes to roof waterproofing in Central Florida, whether you require the installation of drip edges for the roof of your home or business or your roof is new or existing, the professionals at Winter Springs Roofing & Repair are here to serve your needs or answer any questions. Contact us today at 321-316-4774!

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