Six Tips to Prepare for a Residential Roof Remodel in Central Florida

Looking at a well-maintained roof, you’ll observe how uniform and sturdy it looks. It’s only when a roof needs a complete replacement or a serious overhaul that you’ll understand how much work goes into making it new again—including the removal of old materials. In other words, replacing a roof is a messy process. There will be roofing contractors on top of your house, as well as walking around below, hauling materials and cleaning up debris.

With this in mind, here are some tips to help you prepare for residential roof remodel in Central Florida:

  • Cover indoor items: There will be a lot of activity up on your roof. Between workers walking around and using tools to pull off old roofing materials, you can bet it’ll be loud and dusty inside. Cover all indoor items—like furniture, bookcases, electronics and countertops—to keep them clean from dust that gets knocked loose from the ceiling. Also, for easy cleanup, lay a tarp down in the attic to catch falling debris and insulation.
  • Take wall hangings down: Your house is likely to shake from people walking on the roof and pounding on it to attach the new shingles during a roof remodel in Central Florida. Remove wall and ceiling hangings, including chandeliers and other free hanging light fixtures, mirrors, framed photographs and clocks, to keep them from falling off and breaking. Lay shelf items flat, especially breakables.
  • Move outdoor items: Prior to the arrival of the roofers, move outdoor things away from the immediate vicinity. Things like patio furniture, moveable potted plants and kids’ play-sets and toys should make their way to the far back part of the yard, and it’s best to cover what can’t be moved, like large potted or in-ground plants, young trees and sheds. If you have a pool, make sure to put the cover on so you don’t end up with a pool full of roofing debris.
  • Move cars from the driveway: The roofers are likely going to bring a large dumpster along with them to place as close to your house as possible. Since the driveway is a good spot for a dumpster, park your vehicles down the street to leave room in front of your house for the roofing team to park their work trucks.
  • Go out for the day: Whether you have small children or you just don’t care for loud construction noise, it’s a good idea to leave the house for the day, or for however long the job takes. Regardless, you don’t want to breathe in all that dust, and it’s not a safe area for kids to play around in.
  • Give neighbors a heads up: As a courtesy, let your immediate neighbors know about your plans for roof work. Give a project timeframe, approximate daily start and end times, the name of the person in charge and a peace offering—like a box of delicious cookies or bottle of wine. They will appreciate the heads up!

If your home can use a roof remodel in Central Florida, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Winter Springs Roofing & Repairs!

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