Address Hail Damage Quickly with Your Roofing Contractor in Seminole County, FL

With hurricane season, often comes hail. While these storms are short-lived, the damage is frequently extensive and has long-term consequences. Arranging a visit from your roofing contractor in Seminole County, FL after a storm is not just a matter of preserving appearance—it keeps your roof strong and intact. Here are six reasons you need to avoid ignoring hail damage:

  • It can be hard to notice: You should always have your roof inspected after a hailstorm. That is due to the fact that pockmarks often look like they barely scratch the surface, but their effects go much deeper. People often ignore them for years, only to discover the damage later when they are beyond the statute of limitations for an insurance claim. If you detect it now, you can file a successful claim and get your roof repaired without compromising your budget.
  • Erodes shingles: The damage from the pockmarks weakens shingles, and soon, they will deteriorate and leave your roof’s substructure exposed. This can lead to the development of holes that later become major leaks. You do not want to return from vacation or wake up in the morning to discover a roof breach and a waterfall coming from your ceiling. Yet, when you ignore hail damage, this possibility remains.
  • Window- and doorframes swell: Hail damage starts a domino effect of damage throughout your home. One of these includes the buildup of moisture from your compromised roof that makes window- and doorframes swell. You will find it more difficult to open and close doors and windows, and you may even see trim start to deteriorate.
  • Mold: Another nasty element that becomes possible after hail damage is mold growth. All of that effort you spend in sealing windows and installing roof vents becomes pointless if hail damage compromises your roof. Mold will often grow between the roof layers and invade your attic, which will eventually compromise the air quality in your home. Once you develop a mold outbreak, it is very difficult to get it under control again. You are better off taking steps to avoid this possibility entirely.
  • Electrical issues: While not everyone realizes it, roof problems can also lead to issues with your electrical system. The constant invasion of water leads to electrical shorts and surges. Fire and electrocution is also possible. After a hailstorm, you will want to pay attention to how your power supply behaves, since frequent shorts are often a sign of invading water. It is another reason why you need to check hail damage soon after the storm.
  • Large expenses: If you discover and repair hail damage early, you are more likely to have a successful insurance claim. It allows you to avoid the domino effect of damage throughout your home, which can also result in costly repairs. Ignoring hail damage is not only dangerous, but it can also get expensive fast. When you address it now, you will save your home and your budget.

Since 1982, Winter Springs Roofing & Repair has been an experienced roofing contractor in Seminole County, FL. If you have hail damage, call us today to arrange for repairs.

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