You May Require Roofing Services in Central Florida After Hurricane Matthew

If your home was one of the unfortunate victims of Hurricane Matthew, you likely require roofing services in Central Florida. When a hurricane hits, your roof takes most of the damage. Even if it stays intact, it likely suffered impacts that require immediate attention. Here is a look at the likely damage your roof sustained during the hurricane, and why you need to call us in to fix it:

  • Trees falling: If you had a tree fall on your roof during the last storm, you require our assistance immediately. The absence of noticeable holes or leaks does not mean there is no damage; there are impacts that are not immediately detectable. Once the tree or branch is removed from your roof, have us take a look to fix any breaches.
  • Missing shingles: High winds remove shingles from your roof, leaving the deck, underlayment and older shingles exposed. Not only will this offer an unsightly appearance for your neighbors and passersby, but it will leave your roof vulnerable to damage, whether you face common rain showers or another major storm. You want to replace shingles soon for that reason.
  • Curled shingles: Even if your singles are not removed entirely, they can still be compromised. If you see shingles have curled up, that is a sign that their seals are broken and it is time to replace them. In lower-level hurricanes, this is a common development, and too many customers ignore these conditions only to find their roof cannot stand up to the next storm. Make arrangements to have these damaged shingles replaced.
  • Hail dents: Hurricanes can also produce hail, and your roof will receive the primary beating. Dents and pockmarks look bad and compromise the shingles. You will not only be left exposed to the rain and wind, but also to sun damage next spring and summer.
  • Leaks: The damage may be apparent before you go outside. Many people wake up after a storm and hear the dreaded dripping sound of a leaking roof. You may also see water spots, which indicate a leak in progress. This is possible even if you cannot see any damage to your roof when you inspect it. Be careful when turning on lights, since light fixtures will fill with water if there is a leak near them.
  • Roof features: Winds that take out shingles can also damage roof vents and gutter systems. You will want to check these after the storm concludes, since they will need to be addressed, too. Cracked or compromised skylights are also a possibility, and you want to fix those before they collapse into your home. Check windows as well, since weather stripping and glass often do not stand up well to storms. Your roof is held up by walls and windows, so you need to take a big picture approach when assessing damage that requires repair.

Winter Springs Roofing & Repair has offered roofing services in Central Florida and Seminole County since 1982. Our experience with hurricane damage and different roof styles will help restore your home to pre-storm status. Call us today to schedule an estimate.

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