Common Types of Roof Damage Caused by Animals in Florida

Roofs are expensive. Unfortunately, they will eventually need to be replaced whether due to old age or damage by nature. Don’t wait to call a professional roofing contractor in Central Florida if you suspect wildlife have wreaked havoc on your house! With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the types of roof damage that may be caused by rodents and other critters.

Animals and your roof

You can be an animal lover and still loathe certain animals. We are talking about the animals that chew, claw, burrow or tear their way through the structure of your home. No animal should be living in your attic or on your roof, no matter how cute they may be! Leaving wildlife alone for an extended period of time to do as they please with your roof will result in damage to your roofing system—expensive repairs, unsanitary messes and nests in tight places—but a roof can also pose threats to animals. For instance, man-made items like electrical wires, screws, nails and others can cause injury.

The best way to avoid issues like the ones mentioned above is to take preventative measures against animals entering your home through the roof. Call a professional roofing contractor in Central Florida to help with prevention, but also to repair any damage already inflicted.

How critters cause damage

Wildlife like squirrels, raccoons, rats and birds won’t wait for an invite. Because they will enter as they please, these creatures are known to cause a lot of damage when breaking into your home through a part of the roof. Being underneath your roof gives them protection against severe weather and becoming the target of predators, so they will tear their way through the soffits in order to make an entrance into your attic. Other ways for animals to get in include chewing through screens or grates in order to enter through a soffit vent, or ripping, chewing or scratching through siding or shingles. Cover other entry points like rooftop vents, fans, gutters lines and chimneys to prevent access.

Often times, rodents like squirrels and rats are chewing on wood, wires and other rooftop materials simply because they need to be constantly chewing on something to keep their teeth healthy and sharp. Chew marks are easy to identify—don’t ignore this sign. Damaged electrical wires, wood beams and rafters in your attic should be replaced or repaired as soon as possible to avoid structural issues.

Animal invasion

Roof vents and attic fans are designed to keep wildlife out, but can sustain damage from determined rodents. Rats and squirrels may decide to chew and pull at these features and soffit vents. Other ways animals compromise roofing systems include birds nesting in unused chimneys and rain gutters, and squirrels jumping onto and running across your roofing shingles with their sharp claws. And when bad weather hits, be on the lookout for dangerous insects like wasps taking up residence in your attic.

Maintain your roof and attic space to better ensure animals stay out, and call Winter Springs Roofing & Repair to begin working with an experienced roofing contractor in Central Florida today.

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