Tips for Cleaning Your Roof in Central Florida the Safe Way

Keeping your roof properly maintained should always include keeping it clean. A failure to keep your roof clean could result in the spread of mold or algae on the roof, which sometimes may only be cosmetic, but other times may result in some costly structural damage to your roof and shingles.

Here are just a few tips for you to make sure you’re performing proper roof cleaning in central Florida:

  • Choose the right time: Make sure you select a day that’s cool and overcast. The warmer and sunnier the weather, the more likely it is a cleaning solution you use will dry out too fast to actually perform any useful cleaning. It also helps to have a day with little wind. Once you start spraying the cleaning solution, you’re going to want to make sure you’re able to control it.
  • Perform basic maintenance before cleaning: If you have any loose shingles or flashings, for example, make sure you pound those back in place before you start the cleaning process. Adjust any gutters and downspouts and clean those out as well before cleaning the roof—this will allow the cleaning solution to flow freely off the roof.
  • Protect the yard: Before you start spraying cleaning solutions, be sure to protect the grass or plants you have around the area. You don’t want any runoff to hit them and then potentially kill them off. Cover them with a tarp or plastic and they should be fine.
  • Mix the solution: You can find some environmentally friendly roof cleaners on the market. While they are a little more expensive than traditional roof cleaners, they’ll help you protect your yard and the environment in general. Make sure you follow all instructions on the packaging of whatever cleaner you use to properly dilute it in water before you begin spraying it on the roof.
  • Soak the shingles: Before you apply the cleaner, soak all of the shingles on the roof with water. Bring up your garden hose or water sprayer, and work from the bottom to the top. If you see runoff, you’ve done enough and can stop the spraying.
  • Spray the cleaner: Once the roof has been properly soaked with water, you can start spraying on the cleaning solution. Go slowly and use even strokes across the shingles, making sure you don’t miss any spots. You should let the solution soak in for about 15 minutes (or for however long you are instructed) before you rinse it off with the water sprayer. Be sure to use enough force to dislodge algae, but not enough force to damage your shingles. Never use a power washer on your shingles.
  • Reapply the solution: If you have deep stains on your roof, be sure to reapply the solution and repeat the process as needed until you’re able to remove them.

For more information about the best strategies you can employ for properly cleaning your roof in central Florida, contact Winter Springs Roofing & Repair today. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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